Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sonny Vandevelde backstage at the FW1011 menswear shows

vivienne westwood FW1011/sonny vandevelde

If you're a regular reader of this blog then you would already be familiar with the name Sonny Vandevelde: the Belgian Australian (aka Belgralian) photographer who has, in frockwriter's humble opinion, transformed backstage fashion photography into an art form. Sonny usually photographs the major womens' runway seasons, but he's on assignment in Paris at the moment completing his first menswear collections, shooting for a variety of publications. Click here to see Sonny's Milan FW1011 menswear slideshow on New York's ubercool Hintmag. And here to see his Paris FW1011 Hintmag gallery, which will be updated to include the latest shows - which wrap up tomorrow. And of course Sonny's blog for others. Frockwriter mentioned Sonny's mini retrospective in New York in September. Come March, he's having a similar show as part of the Melbourne Fashion Festival. Why he hasn't been snapped up by a major retailer or brand for a campaign is beyond me. Of course there was this Old Navy revamp - whose art director in fact used Sonny's shots for the campaign mockup (sighted by me), only to commission another photographer to copy his style. Sucks, but that's life. Ditto getting his heart broken by Lara Stone. But that's another story...


Sunster said...

did you see the bottega campaign photos ??

S.A.A. said...

Ahh I want to hear the Lara Stone story!!!!

xx SAA

A Colourful Guy Drowning said...

Hi Patty,

While I'm not trying to dismiss Sonny's skills as a photographer, I can tell you exactly how he gets that look with his photos: He's using a Ring Flash! I'm about to DIY one, out of stiff paper, tubing and aluminum foil, for my own stuff as they tend to be rather expensive for what they actually are. ;)

Here's an example shot that someone did with a DIY Ring Flash made from a tin coffee can:

Kind regards

Bambi said...

pretty sure this is a aussie model

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