Monday, July 5, 2010

Forever Young

 nicole bentley for vogue australia/viviens

Queensland continues to springboard stellar modelling talent. After Catherine McNeil, Alyssa Sutherland, Samantha Harris and Jordan Coulter, comes 17 year-old Sunshine Coast schoolgirl Codie Young. Modelling for just a few months and flown in as an exclusive for the Ellery show at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in May, on Wednesday the first of three Vogue Australia editorials reportedly due to feature Young will be published. She appears in an only-girl story shot by Nicole Bentley in the August edition - part of a larger, 36-page fashion spread in the issue starring six Australian models, each with their own five-page section (Nicole Trunfio, Lauren Brown, Julia Nobis, Rosemary Smith and Samantha Harris). Young's Gold Coast mother agency, Busy Models, reports she has been signed to DNA in New York, Viva in Paris and London and will finish her HSC before embarking on her first international show season in February.  
Vogue ed Kirstie Clements is said to be “obsessed” with Young. Frockwriter will take a punt that casting director Russell Marsh and at least one of his high profile clients, Prada, may well be too.

Obviously it’s incredibly early days for Young but nevertheless, you have to ask, with such depth of Australian modelling talent featured in this issue, why on earth Vogue went for such a bland, commercial-looking - and in fact totally rehashed cover of Cameron Diaz?

all images: nicole bentley for vogue australia via viviens


Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Although it really looks like they've clone-tooled the same expression on her face in every shot - it's fair to say that Young is quite the extraordinary beauty. Good luck to her!

Emma said...

I love her look - those eyes and brows!

Ps it's a shame about that cover. Especially as Aussie Vogues covers had been getting better lately (Samantha Harris! Abbey Lee!)

Patty Huntington said...

hi sacha -

yes your story is hyperlinked in the post:

"the first of three Vogue Australia editorials reportedly due to feature Young will be published".

Anonymous said...

are all the shots in Vogue Aust by Nicole Bentely? who is she represented by?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think that cover is really dissapointing! Tim Blank's article in the issue is all about celebrating what is unique to and special about Australia. This is completely undermined by Australian Vogue basically ripping off the current UK Vogue cover! How are we ever going to have a vibrant and independant industry with this attitude? They should have shot a look from Fashion week on an Aussie model - the way they did with last year with Myf wearing Romance Was Born.

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