Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nicole Trunfio is "stepping in" for Miranda Kerr

david jones AW10/getty via daylife
On Wednesday frockwriter asked, Is Nicole Trunfio Miranda Kerr’s understudy at David Jones? Trunfio had arrived in Sydney a full week ahead of DJs' August 3rd Spring/Summer 2010/2011 runway show – while her high profile runway colleagues Catherine McNeil and Abbey Lee Kershaw only arrived over the last 24-48 hours. Sources also reported Trunfio has been booked for in-store signings, she Tweeted that she was excited to be “part of the David Jones family” and she features heavily in DJs SS1011 catalogue. Well lo and behold, if the headline on a page one splash of the first edition of tomorrow’s Sunday Telegraph newspaper doesn't read, “Nicole Trunfio – The next Miranda Kerr”. While inside, a story entitled "DJs next supermodel" reports “Nicole Trunfio is the heir apparent. David Jones has recruited the Aussie supermodel to lead its spring/summer fashion parade on Tuesday, stepping in for newly married Miranda Kerr”.

News Limited's interstate papers have added a few other details. 

Perth's Sunday Times headlines its version of the story:

"WA model Nicole Trunfio the new face of David Jones".

While Melbourne's Herald Sun reveals that Trunfio will be opening the show wearing camilla + marc - one of several labels to have recently defected to DJs from rival Myer, whose SS1011 runway show takes place two days later.

News Limited reports that Trunfio played down as "gossip" the “rumours” that she was being prepped to “replace” a pregnant Kerr. 

Just a reminder that an understudy is not a replacement. An understudy is someone who steps in when the lead player can’t perform.

Most modelling contracts, we are reliably informed, include a provision for suspension, in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

If Kerr is pregnant and, all going well, due in January, then it’s probably unlikely that we will be seeing her on DJs Autumn/Wiinter 2011 runway in the first week of February. It's possible, but unlikely.

It would be even more unlikely that she would be available to shoot that season’s campaign in the preceding months so really, what would be the point?

Trunfio is clearly being given star billing for next week's show and frockwriter predicts she will also be the star of next season’s campaign, with Kerr resuming duties this time next year. 



Anonymous said...

God, what sort of role model is she?!!
Demelza Reveley has more kindness, Lara Bingle has more grace, and I’m pretty sure Michael Jackson had less plastic surgery!

Patty Huntington said...

i published this comment because it was completely over the top and satirical. but just a reminder guys, that i'm not going to be publishing any malicious comments.

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