Monday, November 8, 2010

Adelaide's top fashion banana talks shop at Unley

Frockwriter is here in Adelaide as the guest of the city’s Fashion Festival. It runs over nine days but sadly we can’t be here for the duration. We are, however, tag-teaming with our buddy, photographer Sonny Vandevelde, who will be here for the last few days. So check Sonny's blog later in the week for his expert backstage take on the last few shows, including the closing night's Chambord  Designer Fashion Showcase. In the meantime, frockwriter has been busy at the first shows. First up, Friday night’s Fashion on Unley event at Unley Town Hall with VIP guest Josh Flinn. Before he was the model mentor for Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 Flinn was, among other things fashion-related, a Banana in Pyjamas (still is in fact) and before that, an Adelaide fashion hopeful. Good to see home town heroes coming back to support their cities' fashion events. After a short Q&A with Flinn on stage, the host then threw to the parade: a showcase of the various designer labels sold at boutiques in Unley, including George Gross, Harry Who, Alexis George and Carla Zampatti. All the models were from local agency Pride. Here are a few shots. But head to frockwriter’s Posterous (here) for a complete backstage gallery. And either my Twitter or frockwriter’s Facebook page for coverage of the event in real-time. 



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