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Miranda Kerr's mother once tried to sabotage her modelling career, her grandmother was initally "shocked" by her body of work

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The Australian edition of 60 Minutes ran a profile of Miranda Kerr on tonight's show. No Orlando Bloom, but Kerr's mother Therese, paternal grandmother Ann Kerr and Miranda's teacup Yorkshire terrier Frankie all made cameos - the latter cradled in her arms as she strolled along an LA beach esplanade with reporter Charles Woolley, who at one point copped a feel of unborn baby Bloom. Woolley broke bread with the Kerrs over lunch and in another scene, was guided by Miranda through a local health food shop. No mention of her more controversial recent fashion work, which includes considerable nudity and in one shoot for French magazine Numéro, dressing up in a Latex nun's outfit. But Woolley did ask Miranda at one point how she feels about earning more money than a cancer researcher, to which she responded, "It baffles me, what can I say?" - before adding that "modelling has given me a face", to which she hopes to add a voice and, words to the effect, use the power of her celebrity for good.

Kerr's mother and grandmother made a couple of interesting revelations. 

Therese Kerr confessed that when her daughter first entered the Dolly modelling competition in 2007 at the age of 13, she deliberately included some unflattering photos of Miranda which showed her crooked teeth in the hope that it would sabotage her chances of selection. Miranda won regardless - and the teeth were later corrected by braces (although noone clarifies at what stage this happened, or whether or not Miranda's modelling income paid for the orthodontics). Therese's concerns had been fuelled, she told Woolley, by her "pre-conceived ideas about the industry..........I wanted to protect my daughter".

When Ann Kerr was asked for her initial reaction to the news that Miranda had scored a gig modelling skimpy lingerie for the Victoria's Secret giant, she responded that it came as "a shock". She told Woolley, "I nearly died.... [I thought] not my Miranda... But you’ve got to get used to it, if that’s the kind of work she does". 

Ann Kerr also mentioned that she occasionally hears "raised voices" when in the vicinity of her granddaughter and Bloom (which, given their hectic schedules, presumably can't be that often). "But next minute they've got arms around each other", she added.  

Click (here) to see the video on the 60 Minutes website.  

screen caps 60 minutes


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