Sunday, November 14, 2010

Miranda Kerr, publicity machine

You’ve got to hand it to Miranda Kerr. When most pregnant models would be expecting to spend a fair amount of time out of the spotlight as they await their bundle of joy, Kerr has arguably spent more time in the spotlight than ever before over the past four months. Ever since the news first whipped around the world in July that she was skipping the Spring/Summer 2010/2011 launch of Australian department store David Jones because of her sudden wedding to Orlando Bloom. Then she announced she was four months pregnant - to Spanish Vogue. Then in October, when she was five months along, she walked on Balenciaga's runway in Paris - later that month, popping up nude, obviously shot pre-pregnancy, in Russell James' new V2 book. Last week, when she would normally have been basking in the - shared - spotlight of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Kerr managed to gazump even that media bonanza with news of a nude Patrick Demarchelier photoshoot for W magazine. Kerr’s latest headlines: a profile on Australia’s 60 Minutes this evening and, confirming a rumour first floated by New York Magazine’s The Cut blog last month, she will appear on the January cover of Vogue Australia. Update 15/11: And here is a highres image, above.

Shot by Carlotte Moye, Kerr is fully clothed this time – as revealed by the sneak peek in today’s Sunday Telegraph newspaper (below). No surprise there, since News Limited owns the Vogue Australia license. And no surprise either, really, that this is the first time Vogue Australia has featured a pregnant covergirl. What is perhaps surprising, however, is that it has taken this long for Kerr to land her first Vogue Australia cover. 

Although technically a 2011 cover, this represents the third Vogue cover that Kerr has shot this year, after the Spanish and Italian editions. She also featured in three editorials in the September edition of US Vogue

Little wonder that although many may have assumed Kerr's pregnancy might place a dint in her so far promising crossover from the more lucrative commercial arena of Victoria's Secret and co to the edgier high fashion area, modelling authority recently upgraded her world ranking from #15 to #8

In the accompanying Sunday Telegraph interview, Kerr reveals that she recently shot a new campaign for David Jones, with some of the footage to air in tonight's 60 Minutes story.

One bit of publicity that Kerr did not court, however, was an unauthorised nude spread in London's News of the World newspaper. And frankly, who could blame her? 

Last month, frockwriter revealed the name of the photographer who attempted to sell eight year old nude images of a then 18 year-old Kerr (according to our sources, to The News of the World) but wanted his name left out any sales deal: Jasper Glavanics. 

It's unclear what has happened with these photos. They have yet to surface in any publication, in spite of claims by local photo agency Tito Media that they soon would be. The agency had first tried to sell the photos to Kerr to get them off the market. Kerr's camp vehemently denies that it purchased the photos.

Many have since asked, just what was the fuss, given that Kerr has posed nude for numerous publications?

The nudity is not the issue, here. Nor was nudity the issue in the case of Playboy's recent Greg Lotus photos of Lara Stone - whose body of nude work is far greater than Kerr's. 

Stone may well have happily posed for Lotus as a favour for a magazine test shoot or other two years ago, but apparently she was never consulted over the sale of the images to Playboy and recently successfully sued both Playboy and Lotus for their unauthorised publication.   

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