Monday, November 29, 2010

Sophie Ward and Sebastian Mader team up to create 'My Dirtied Soles'

As the countdown continues to the May 20 2011 release of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, in which Australian model-turned-actor Gemma Ward is due to appear as a mermaid (its trailer, due for release on December 17, may well including a fleeting glimpse of same), turns out Ward’s model-turned-writer/publisher sister Sophie Ward has made a movie of her own. Or rather, a haunting “video poem” called My Dirtied Soles, that she has written and narrated and which is directed by New York-based German photographer/filmmaker Sebastian Mader. Sophie Ward is a talented writer, whose first novel, The Beginning of an Inexplicable Journey is downloadable as an e-book from her website). And as she demonstrates with this project (below), she also has a great voice - just like her sister.

screen caps 'my dirtied soles'
According to the release:

“Poetry as an art form has lived in many mediums, from the spoken to the written word. Now it moves to a new dimensions. My Dirtied Soles is a video poem born out of a vision for contributing the potency of poetic messages to human beings….. My Dirtied Soles is the first in a cycle of expressions on the journey of life itself -- on our basic needs, fears, and yearnings which speak of what it is to be a human today. Sophie and Sebastian are now working on Act II of the cycle, to be released early 2011”.


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