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Nicole Trunfio to officially replace Miranda Kerr as the face of David Jones' winter 2011 launch

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In July, following the news that Miranda Kerr would be skipping David Jones’ Spring/Summer 2010/2011 runway showcase to enjoy her honeymoon with Orlando Bloom – amidst a deafening chorus of speculation she was three months pregnant – frockwriter predicted that Nicole Trunfio would replace Kerr as the face of the department store’s upcoming Autumn/Winter 2011 runway showcase and that Kerr would resume her official duties for the Spring/Summer launch in July 2011. So it’s official. Today’s Sunday Telegraph reports that Trunfio will “replace [Kerr] as the star of the David Jones Winter 2011 season”. Trunfio, who is also currently profiled in a video interview on the website of Vogue Italia, was flown by DJs to Sydney this week to shoot the winter catalogue. 

vogue italia
Kerr will still have a minor role to play. 

Fairfax's rival Sunday newspaper, The Sun Herald, today published an image of Kerr from David Jones' upcoming Autumn/Winter catalogue. The shot was recently taken in LA – with a 60 Minutes crew in tow, as anyone who saw that recent interview with Kerr would recall. 

vogue australia via the sun herald

The Sun Herald also scored an interview with Kerr, who told the paper that she will feature in several images in the Autumn/Winter catalogue, but is “looking forward to coming back to support and work with DJs for the summer season and continuing in my role as fashion ambassador''. 

The Sun Herald speculates that “one or more” of the models who filled in for Kerr in July in Sydney - Trunfio, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Alexandra Agoston and Catherine McNeil – will be gracing the retailer's runway in February.

As we now know, Trunfio will definitely be there. Agoston and McNeil may be two other contenders. We doubt very much, however, that Kershaw would avail herself for this show, given that its timing will coincide with the peak of the northern hemisphere Fall/Winter 2010/2011 runway season, during which Kershaw is always in huge demand.

Evidently, one paper scored the interview with Kerr and the other, the interview with Trunfio. And it looks like The Sunday Telegraph may have felt it got the short end of the stick. 

In what reads as an extraordinarily bitchy comment, the paper notes that Trunfio “is taller, thinner and younger than pregnant Kerr”. 
Elsewhere in today's edition, The Sunday Telegraph also reports that yet another nude image of pregnant Kerr will be published in the January 2010 issue of Vogue Australia, whose cover she graces, noting:
“Here's a radical idea, Miranda - how about posing with your kit on for your next shoot?”


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