Thursday, March 17, 2011

Juliana Forge often gets compared to Abbey Lee Kershaw

Tuesday's Kookai show looked like a million dollars thanks to a great cast headed up by the brand's current advertising face in Australia, Juliana Forge. Nineteen year-old Forge could be the next antipodian to clean up at the international show circuit, once she finally makes a serious move offshore. She has just returned from a shoot for Greek Vogue which could be a harbinger of big things to come. Here is a quick iv frockwriter grabbed with Forge backstage before the show, in which she mentions that people frequently bring up her resemblance to fellow Melburnite Abbey Lee Kershaw, now the world number five model.
Frockwriter: You recently shot Greek Vogue?
Juliana Forge: Yes, I just shot that in Athens, two weeks ago. It's coming out next month or the month after, I can't remember. Amazing pieces. We shot it next to a private plane. We were at an airport actually, freezing cold weather. The whole travel idea... very glamorous, beautiful colours.

FW: When might we be seeing Juliana Forge at the international shows?
JF: Potentially later this year, but it may be something that happens next year. 

FW: Do people often comment that you look like Abbey Lee Kershaw?
JF: Yes, I do sometimes get compared to Abbey. I take that as a huge compliment. 

FW: Abbey Junior?
JF: Or Abbey's little sister [laughs]. I think [people think] we have quite similar eyes. I think some of our features are similar. Not that I see the similarity, but it does come up.

FW: If you are by any chance planning to dye your hair platinum blonde, that might confuse things.
JF: Imagine. 

FW: What do you think about the success Australian models are currently enjoying internationally?

JF: I think they're doing incredibly. It's amazing that so many girls did so well at the shows.

FW: And not just the girls. You mentioned that you once did a shoot with Andrej Pejic - and didn't realise he wasn't a woman until after the shoot. 
JF: It was for the Herald Sun. It was a bit of a shock when the article came out and I realised it was a guy. He does look really feminine. 


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