Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunday rose: Abbey Lee Kershaw covers Sunday Magazine's fashion issue

Can't get enough of Australian supermod Abbey Lee Kershaw? Then you'll be pleased to know she is the cover story of tomorrow's Sunday Magazine inside Sydney's Sunday Telegraph and Melbourne's Herald Sun newspapers. Here is an exclusive preview of the cover, part of an editorial spread that was recently photographed by the mag in Sydney while Kershaw was shooting the Portmans campaign. This issue is a fashion special, timed to coincide with next week's L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Frockwriter didn't do the Kershaw profile, but we did write the 'style dynasties' story: a profile of three Australian families which have passed the fashion torch down the line to subsequent generations.  

In the four-page story on Kershaw, penned by Melissa Field, the world number five makes a few revelations: 
- As a child, she used to pretend she was a mermaid in the bath and lock the door so noone could see her tail. "I think that's why I'm so good at what I do - I find it very easy to pretend to be part of a world I'm not actually in". 

- She loves to be barefoot and "hardly ever" wears shoes when in Australia. 

- She shares a Brooklyn apartment with her bf, Our Mountain frontman Matthew Hutchinson, and would like to further pursue music, in addition to art and dance.

- On the pain of piercing: 
"It's like wasabi. I love it because it's hot and intense, then it goes away, which is similar to getting a tattoo. Anyone who says it doesn't hurt is lying - it canes, but then it goes away. I find that fascinating".
"I think most people would be surprised by my dark nature and the fact that I have quite an addictive personality. When I started getting tattoos, I couldn't stop. I also have piercings all over...... One day, I'll have a lot more tattoos and probably some odd hair colours, too".

image: supplied to frockwriter by sunday magazine


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