Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Garance Doré and Scott Schuman head back to Australia

jean-philippe delhomme via oftenenamorado

Well it's not quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite the same as sitting front row on the OS show circuit, but last year's power blogger frow could almost be about to reassemble in Sydney. Well, with the exception of Bryanboy, who sadly can't make it down. We already know that Canada's Tommy Ton is heading down to next month's Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. Ditto Susie Bubble, who has claimed that she would have been part of Dolce e Gabbana's new media publicity stunt in September, had she not had to return to London. Well frockwriter can reveal that French street style photographer/illustrator/blogger Garance Doré is coming to Australia at the end of April and, according to well-placed sources, intends to stay on for RAFW.

Commissioned by Westfield to create a series of illustrations of Australian designers, Doré will unveil the drawings at launches in Sydney and Melbourne. Doré's partner Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist, is expected to accompany her.

If all goes to plan, this will make the second consecutive RAFW for the First Couple of fashion blogging, after Schuman was brought down to the event by Tourism Australia last year and Doré accompanied him.


HotCaviar said...

What an incredible triumph for Australian fashion and social media alike...

Aych said...

... counting down ... x

Anonymous said...

No hot caviar "a triumph for Australian fashion" would be an industry and government that supports the local manufacturers who are dying off day after day. Causing margins to be squeezed to the point where nearly every fashion business is living on thin air. Rather than flying out half baked photo bloggers riding the wave of our new found digital narcissism.

This kind of PR stunt is all done to mask the fact that the industry is on its last legs as fast fashion consumes us all, and many of the labels that take part in the fashion week circus, do it as a last shot effort to boost dwindling sales, even though they are in debt up to their eyeballs. x

Anonymous said...

Whilst the industry or actually PR companies that represent their brands, I seriously cannot help but feel that there isn't enough support for these designers who work incredibly hard. Many of them have lamented that our local industry cannot equip them with the best fabrics, materials and resources to help them develop a branded business that will continue healthy in their future as a designer profession. There is too much news and emphasis on these photo bloggers. Whilst their contributions can give more awareness and credibility to Australian fashion, those mentioned are merely involved in their own self-interests. What's to photograph if there was no fashion at all?

Garance just wants to take pretty photos of girls she thinks have something cool about them. Scott likes to take photos of individuals which unique features and a certain finessed style. Tommy Ton is just a shy voyeur.

Don't get me wrong, it's nice that they will be coming but crucially what we really need to look at is how much good is there in Australian Fashion? Are all worthy to be showing? Or can we just settle for that it's Australian Fashion so we should have a more nonchalant attitude?

Personally, I find it very welcoming news to see Tim Blanks in Sydney. I would love to hear him converse about the state of our industry and what he finds different to his usual fashion week schedule.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear I hope they have got past sucking at each others faces during the shows. Most distracting.

HBTN said...

oh! can't wait to see Susie Bubble down here in Australia for our very own RAFW, vanessa,

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