Saturday, June 26, 2010


john galliano SS11 backstage/sonny vandevelde

Frockwriter mentioned that upwardly mobile Australian model Andrej Pejic made his international catwalk debut on Thursday in Paris in the Jean Paul Gaultier show. Well he had his second Paris runway outing yesterday courtesy of another equally high profile designer: John Galliano. There are two days left of the mens shows, where might he pop up next? Update 27/6: The answer is Raf Simons and, according to backstage snapper Sonny Vandevelde, today's Paul Smith show. The Paris runways are a long way from the east European refugee camps via which Pejic and his Serbo-Croatian family fled war-torn Bosnia in the 1990s before settling in Melbourne, where he attended University High School (whose other alumni include playwright David Williamson, entertainer Olivia Newton-John and MTV VJ Ruby Rose). Modelling for two years, full-time for one, Pejic's first modelling job was a cover - for Oyster magazine. Head to Sonny's blog to see more of Pejic and his runway colleagues backstage before and during Galliano's Charlie Chaplin-inspired show and the rest of the mens shows, including Gaultier, Issey Miyake and Dries van Noten.


SachaStrebe said...

he has a beautiful face! he certainly stands out among the pretty boys on the runways, you have to double take as you almost want to think it's a girl...can't wait to see more of him

sonny said...

Spoiler Alert

the answer is

Raf Simons

and tomorrow

Paul smith

Scarfed said...

As pretty as he may be, I can't see how any decent financial opportunities will come his way in modeling. If he's only doing this for 5 minutes of "fame", then fine, but how can he seriously be used to market men's clothes or other products?? I wonder what his agents are telling him? Am I overlooking something here Patty??

Patty Huntington said...

yes i think you're overlooking the fact that jean paul gualtier, john galliano, raf simons and apparently also paul smith have just booked him to market their clothes. modelling is a highly competitive market. it's not like there isn't a score of guys going to these castings, hoping to get bookings. he really stands out from the pack - in fact he's completely unique. that's what marketers want. presumably he's booked other shows after turning up on gaultier's and galliano's runways - on thursday night he did not know he would be doing raf simons or paul smith. i'll just bet people are talking about him.

i think what's really interesting is that although he has a pretty, androgynous face - obviously enhanced by the long hair - his body is quite athletic. note both gaultier and galliano showed it off in swimwear. he's like a surfer boy gone glam.

Scarfed said...

Yes, walking down those runways will increase his profile within the industry... great! but I doubt we'll ever see him fronting an advertising campaign.
Which designer do you think will be prepared to pay to use his image to sell to the public??

Patty Huntington said...

no idea. let's wait and see.

i've just updated some bio info above FYI. didn't realise he came to australia as a refugee.

Anonymous said...

love him...and to scarfed que sera sera... , noone not even the most perfect looking can count on a definite pay day in modelling its so fickle a few win big, the rest should he not even try?... i'm sure a lot of people said that about kate or naomi etc,,

Anonymous said...

Alice Burdeu is also a University High Alumni. Ms Patty Huntington do you know what has happened to Alice?

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