Monday, July 23, 2012

Bambi Northwood-Blyth also has a dicky knee

bambi northwood-blyth's twitter

What is with Australian models and knee injuries? Following February’s news about Abbey Lee Kershaw undergoing surgery in New York for a long-standing knee problem – and our revelation earlier this month that bad knees run in the Kershaw family – comes news that Bambi Northwood-Blyth has bunged up one of hers.

bambi northwood-blyth's twitter
In a series of Tweets and photos posted on Northwood-Blyth’s Twitter feed, the 21 year-old Melbourne native revealed she had knee surgery on July 16th in Sydney and has been recovering with “nurse Dan” – her partner, Ksubi co-founder Dan Single.

A rep for Northwood-Blyth's Australian mother agency Priscillas Model Management declined to comment on the original cause of her knee problem, other than to say "It is a longstanding injury that she has just had a chance to get seen to. Nothing serious".

Looking back at some of the recent action adventures enjoyed by Northwood-Blyth and Single - whose DJ name is "Dangerous Dan" and Twitter handle, "Dangerousdanman" - we hope they didn't exacerbate the problem.

They range from a 13-metre cliff jump in Bali:

bambi northwood-blyth's twitter
To a flying fox in India in March:

Not to mention this stunt from Daniel Askill's 2011 Ksubi Kolors film, below, which depicted Northwood-Blyth and two other models "leaping" over moving cars. Much of the illusion would have been achieved via the use of special effects and one assumes all OH&S precautions were taken while getting the models to jump onto an air mattress. Nevertheless, as anyone with a problem knee would be able to attest, it's still risky business and if Northwood-Blyth wasn't careful before knee surgery, she sure as hell is going to have to be afterwards - or risk far more serious problems. 

Frockwriter wishes her all the best for a speedy recovery. 


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