Thursday, July 12, 2012

Andrej Pejic is shooting a reality television show

vestal magazine via
It was only a matter of time, surely, before Andrej Pejic scored his very own reality television show. In July last year, in fact, he hinted there had been an approach, when he put the question to his Twitter followersShould I do a reality tv show? I mean what would I have…. to say”.

Frockwriter understands that a reality show based on the high profile 20 year-old Serbian-Australian male model is currently in production in New York and follows Pejic on various job assignments over a period of weeks - if not months. UPDATE: Now confirmed by Pejic's New York management DNA.

Since he arrived on the international fashion scene in June 2010, Pejic has smashed gender barriers by modelling both menswear and womenswear, even women's haute couture and lingerie.

Sources close to Pejic first told us in February that production for a reality show based on Pejic was imminent, but things appear to have been slightly delayed. Given that month’s news of his first fragrance deal, however – and the wraps just about to come off that Jean Paul Gaultier campaign, with no doubt a blaze of international publicity to follow – the delayed timing probably could not be better.

We also understand the show may also involve at least one member of Pejic’s family - his mother Jadranka Savic.

Coincidentally, on June 27th Pejic TweetedYay my mother is in NY <3”, followed three days later by a shot of Pejic and Savic sitting in a cafĂ© together:
Dubbed "The prettiest boy in the world" by New York Magazine in its cover story last September (sounds like a great name for a reality show if you ask us), Pejic's gender fluidity continues to fascinate the fashion industry.

This month he notches up what by our estimate is his 19th magazine cover to date (this archive does not include his first cover, for Australia's Oyster) - for the New York-based Vestal magazine (above).


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