Saturday, October 4, 2008

Model faints - New York mag uses psychic powers to suss out the story

the cut

Ah yes, it's fascinating to see how stories unravel online. Although it had already been reported that a model had fainted at Alexander McQueen - on The Fashion Spot three hours ago, as picked up by Fashionologie - almost simultaneously frockwriter named her as Abbey Lee Kershaw. Thanks to an SMS alert from eyewitness Sonny Vandevelde. I also Twittered the post. The Wall Street Journal picked up the story - apparently via fellow Tweeter Julie Fredrickson over at Coutorture, who tells me she alerted the WSJ. But apparently New York magazine's The Cut blog used a crystal ball to determine that the model down was in fact Kershaw and the problem, her corset.

In a post dated 6.50pm October 3 Eastern Standard Time, The Cut blog reported:
"One model fainted as she exited the runway and had to be carried out....We took a close look at the pictures to try to figure out who fainted, and our guess is Abbey Lee. She sure looks distressed doing her walk in this picture. Lest any rumors get started, we're wondering if perhaps her corset was too tight? It's certainly doing something intense to her bust here."

The only backlink provided is to Fashionologie's original item, dated 1.34pm, October 3 (although it is not clear which time zone this is), which does link to both SHOWstudio and the TFS post, but does not name the model.

Logic would appear to dictate that if you spotted the original Fashionologie item, then you probably also spotted Fashionologie's update at 3.04pm, October 3, which reported Vandevelde's eyewitness account on frockwriter, dated 7.20am, October 4 AEST.

Or else the WSJ item, dated 6.35pm, October 3 EST.


Bryanboy said...


home run!!! lol

Patty Huntington said...

i mean it's possible that they took a lucky stab and came up with kershaw's name.

i feel the need however to point out that this is the second story of mine in a week that The Cut has run with, without linking to the original source. the first was catherine mcneil skipping milan and paris because, according to her agent, she is 'unwell'.

Imelda Matt said...

Ahhhh! The wonder's of the internet (or in The Cut's case a crystal ball), you've been unfairly 'ripped' but if I need to find a breaking story the first place I (and everyone at turn is Frockwriter!

Julie said...

Hey its nice to see the Cut reblogging Tommmye at Fashionologie and not the other way around huh?

But its also because everyone talks on IM all day. Tommye at Fashionologie (we work at the same company, Sugar Inc) Elva at the WSJ who did the producing for Christie's piece, and I were just gabbing about McQueen. I was focused on the terrifying bunny frankly as the cause of the fainting.

Patty Huntington said...

jules -

so what timezone is tommye in fact in? and which IM platform do you guys use just out of interest? many tks once again

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Please can you stop trying to infer that all news on the web starts via your posts on this blog. It's boring, self centred and makes you sound bitter.

Another comment was correct, I feel when they put down Ryan Lobo. He's an egotisical pain and who's he in demand with anyway? Pages Online and Karen magazine: wow really high profile...

Hope you appreciate my comments considering how few people are interested in commenting here (well other than chums such as Sonny V, BryanBoy, Imelda Matt, etc). I look forward to your uptight reply.

Patty Huntington said...

hi anon -

noone's claiming "all web news" starts on this blog. but you know, news is how i earn a living and this specific abbey lee story did start here. that's dead easy to prove via timelines and Google News. i could also count a number of other stories which were picked up by australian media outlets the minute they were done by this blog. thanks to site data analysis, i could even tell you what dates and times their reps logged on here, how long they spent and what posts they were looking at. if you had any understanding of the politics of freelance journalism, then perhaps you'd grasp the frustration of seeing your story appropriated by some greedy mainstream player's wage slaves. it's one thing that they take stories with no credit. it's another that they pretend it was their scoop - last week one of NL's Confidentials claimed that it "revealed" catherine mcneil would be missing milan and paris due to an undisclosed illness. Prior to appearing on this blog, that information had not appeared anywhere.

i don't know what your petty grievance is against ryan lobo but you know, it does intrigue me.

meanwhile, while comments are of course great, they are by no means any gauge of a blog's popularity. you can see the comments. at the end of the posts you should, in theory, also be able to see who is linking - there were seven links on that abbey lee corset post the last time i looked. also easily available to you is the intel that there are over 60 blog links to frockwriter so far on technorati, with the blog clocking up a technorati authority of 30 in three months. also in three months, frockwriter has passed the 60,000 hit mark and attracted visitors from 113 countries. of those, 1,238 absolute unique visitors have visited the blog 51-100 times and 1,035 have visited 101-200 times.

gee, i just don't know, that must be because noone's looking at it or talking about it.

Anonymous said...

jeeze ! anon has not been to NYC lately and seen KAREN magazine on the stands everywhere - Um seriously high profile sitting next to V, Numero, Purple etc. Don't get to comfy or down on with what the locals produce - it is very much in demand elsewhere !! including and obviously our beautiful girls and our fab journalists !
- insider and well travelled.

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