Thursday, October 30, 2008

Operator Please bass player makes modelling debut. Who knew?

minty meets munt AW09

You’ve got to love a world scoop – especially one you have zip idea that you’re sitting on. Yesterday Sydney fashion label Minty Meets Munt shot its autumn winter 2009 catalogue. The party reportage-style campaign features up-and-coming US model Hannah Holman surrounded by four non professional male models, in a simulated 'night out' scene. Unbeknownst until 2pm today to the label’s designer Tanya Curmi and even Curmi's creative director/publicist Matt Jordan, not only was one of the four male models Ashley McConnell, the 19 year-old bass player from the ARIA Award-winning Gold Coast band Operator Please – the “favourite rocking teens” of über gossip blogger Perez Hilton - McConnell has just been signed by Sydney’s Chadwicks agency and is about to embark on a modelling career.

A ringin organised by Curmi's store manager, after Curmi says she "put out put a call out for cute looking indie boys", McConnell did the Minty Meets Munt shoot as a favour.

McConnell's only recompense for the gig was "some beers", according to Jordan – who even blogged some outtakes from the shoot this morning on his Imelda blog, with still with no clue as to McConnell's real identity (Jordan declares his commercial relationship with Minty Meets Munt in this earlier post).

Because noone knew who he was at the time, McConnell appears, hilariously, as a mere accoutrement to the campaign's star, Holman - and many of the images of him are blurred.

“It’s like Dumb and Dumber!” quipped Jordan.

Given McConnell's somewhat dramatic transformation from a relatively wholesome, emo-coiffed Gold Coast teen (second from the right, below) to tat-covered Pete Doherty-lookalike muso, perhaps it's no surprise that Curmi and co did not recognise him.

operator please

Expect to see more McConnell fashion images over the coming months, once Chadwicks starts shopping him around.

McConnell will apparently be listed at the agency as "Ashley Scott", using his middle name.

minty meets munt AW09


Imelda Matt said...

hmmmm....I suspect that underneath the (fast sprouting) greys, I'm a natural blonde!

Maxie said...

i aheve to say, i'm surprised by what passes for "model material" these days...

Patty Huntington said...

Maxie! Nice to see you

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