Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two men, one woman, coupla million hits?

viktor & rolf

Well if's published traffic figures after each show season are any gauge, then Dutch design duo Viktor & Rolf may well be hoping to generate seven figure page impressions after today's little e-stunt. Following on from Dolce e Gabbana's live show stream last week, comes Viktor & Rolf's virtual fashion show. Starring just one model, Shalom Harlow, the show was advertised to go live from 8am Paris time. It went up a little earlier than planned, which means that the punters have been able to peruse the collection while the frontrowers in Paris are still sleeping off the aftereffects of last night's Rykiel bash.

A mere snapshot, presumably, of Viktor & Rolf's full SS09 collection, the show nevertheless provides a very clear view of some of the garments and accessories - and with etail-like, multi-angle clarity.

Of note, the beaded microdresses, the ruffled trenches, the colourblocked series in a citrus palette of tangerine, lemon and mandarin which included one panelled cocktail dress and blouses teamed with city shorts or cropped Capri pants; and the striking, Aztec-like black-on-white graphic used in T-shirting, a tunic, leggings and a pair of platform ankle boots.

A ram's horn or shell motif, fashioned from pleated silk taffeta, pops up throughout the collection, notably overblown into a gargantuan rosette on one shoulder of the show's solitary big dress.

Beyond the novelty factor, there is no big bucks Viktor & Rolf drama - this is more like an in-your-face shopfront.

But in the current economic climate, and with similarly-sanitised shows seen even on the runway proper this season at big names such as Gucci and Christian Dior, some seem to be overlooking the sizzle this season, in favour of the steak.

The reason given for the virtual show was not to cut costs or pioneer a new fashion frontier - Diesel founder Renzo Rosso recently acquired a majority stake in the company and the duo report that the business is currently "in transition".

Click here to see the show.


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