Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blogged by Daulmonster - censored by Mom

iliketoforkmyself via ONTD_fashionfags

Ah those model blogs. They're getting more entertaining by the minute. First came revelations about payment in trade and the stories about model houses which sleep 12 - not counting the cockroaches. Then Korean supe Daul Kim claimed Japanese brand Undercover is "racist" and gave the finger to Barneys over her customer service experiences there. Now Kim has blogged a series of risque shots of herself and a mate using i-D magazine and a guitar as sexual accoutrements. Only to be censored, as it emerges, by her mother.

On October 12, 19 year-old Kim, who signs herself as "Daulmonster" on her I Like To Fork Myself blog, posted a series of images of herself and an unidentified, bare-chested male friend horsing around an apartment.

Of particularly amusing note were several images in which Kim feigned sexual congress with said mate, while he covered his face with the current cover of i-D magazine, whose current covergirl is Dutch supermod Lara Stone.

In another image Kim looked to be pleasuring her friend with the head of an electric guitar - while he bent forward over a toilet.

In an updated version of the post Kim reveals that the images prompted more than a few cranky emails from Korea, from people asking if she is on drugs.

Kim tells her readers:

"thank you but
i dont care

and i was not high or drunk
i dont even smoke cigarettes.
i go to bed early and i dont party. i rave at home.

but my mother emailed and told me that she is upset and
worries about my mental state so its censored.

i listen to my mother.

i am okay im just having fun with my french gay boys...."

It's interesting to see which images were culled and which remained - leading one to speculate which images Kim's poor Korean (one assumes) mother may have found the most offensive.

Apparently the shot of a supine Kim reclining backwards in a submissive pose was not one of them, because that's still up there.

Not so the more dominatrix-look shots of her lowering herself down over the face of "Lara" (pictured above) - or the shot in which Kim looks to be rogering her mate with the guitar:

iliketoforkmyself via ONTD_fashinfags

Unfortunately for South Korea the latter shots were immortalised on at least one forum before Kim had the chance to yank them.


fashion herald said...

let a girl have fun with her french gays, please! oh, the poor mom.

Patty Huntington said...

what about lara stone?

Mike said...

She was recently featured in One thing I still don't understand is what kind of appeal does she have? Is there anything special about her?

Anonymous said...

daul kim rocks!!!!

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