Friday, October 3, 2008

Stephanie Carta: Even Raf Simons thinks camilla & marc are cool

balenciaga SS09/catwalking via tfs

After a brief industry hiatus, Stephanie Carta popped up on the international modelling radar earlier this year as no less than the only Australian in Balenciaga’s FW0809 show. Following SS09 shows in New York, London and Milan, Carta continues her ascent in Paris bagging, among other names this week, Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten and Givenchy. In this video interview just shot by Fashionlab, Carta talks about April's skinny model furore at Australian Fashion Week, her Australian designer mates and her slow-but-steady career strategy.

Fashionlab shot that amusing Sonny Vandevelde video that I posted on Saturday (and thanks Sunster for the headsup on Carta). It’s a project of the Nokia Trends Lab and the quality of the video is quite remarkable – for what one assumes is a mobile phone.

Just to clarify I have no commercial connections whatsoever to Nokia.

Can anyone ID the Australian interviewer?

In the iv Carta talks about the controversy in which she found herself embroiled in Sydney in April – when her agency, then Chic Management, famously pulled her off Michelle Jank’s runway because she was considered too skinny, only to reinstate her the following morning for camilla & marc.

Carta tells Fashionlab:
“I don’t know why they targeted me. Maybe because I’m a local model. So many models were brought into Australia that were skinnier than me....everybody in Australia is looking at me now, but when you come here and look at everybody...”

A few other bits and pieces mentioned by Carta in the iv include:

1. Dan Single scoring some "guest hosting UK tv gig" (beyond
2. A designer friend Nathan (we assume Smith) is planning to move to Paris.
3. “Collette Dinnigan doesn’t interest me”
4. Carta wore a pair of camilla & marc “tights” to castings (possibly the two-tone Jacoba Pant) and reports she was stopped not only by models, but even Jil Sander designer Raf Simons, asking who made them. She says she was also snapped in them by The New York Times.

Of the new model influx this season, notes Carta:

"The girls are coming around so fast now it seems. Everybody’s new. It’s everybody’s first season it seems. Everyone’s doing 20 million shows at once. And they’ll probably be like, nobody, tomorrow. I'm in it for the long run”.

Here's the vid:



Bryanboy said...

i officially love her

Mike said...

Ohh that's was great. Yeah, I only realised like two days ago she walked for Jil Sander! Carta walking for Jil Sander (omg) top stuff these aussie models. I love it when that woman was sorta staring at the interview duo, maybe she thought the way the aussies were dressed was bad, hahaha Aussies are taking over.

I was mentally screaming to her though, 'RICHARD NICOLL!!'

sonny said...

his name is Benedict, he's actually a composer

Anonymous said...

On Track said...

She bores me to no end

carta said...

thats it i am starting my own blog

Anonymous said...

She is so boring. I think i fell asleep.

Anonymous said...

wow... name drop name drop. so cringeworthy.

Anonymous said...

whats so boring about her?
whats name dropping if its in support of what her friends are doing too?

ryder said...

she is adorable, bright and fun. yes i think she talks about nathan smith. she looks like 80' suprmodel or better say gia. she is the sweetest in the video.

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