Thursday, March 19, 2009

Carine Roitfeld on CNN Revealed

OK, here's the much-touted CNN doco on Carine Roitfeld which aired this morning at 5.30am AEST. To frockwriter's knowledge Bryanboy was the first to provide a link to am embedded video - which did not appear to work, at least when we checked it earlier this morning, linking solely to CNN's live coverage. Hence our interest to spot that the doco has since been re-loaded to Sethivarova - the same YouTube channel which recently re-broadcast the new Calvin Klein commercial, to which WWD had a preview, but failed to provide embed codes (it was later taken down). On closer inspection, the entire documentary is in fact available on CNN. So if you missed it there, on Bryanboy or elsewhere, enjoy.


Daniel said...

thanks heaps for this!

Mike said...

I think what I enjoyed most about was the fact that even though her job is very prestigious, she's been a good mother to her kids. I really admire that and she always smiles which is really nice.

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