Sunday, March 1, 2009

Killer heels II - Abbey Lee Kershaw bows out of FW0910

gucci FW0910/

Just how dangerous are those skyscraper heels? That’s a question begging to be asked following the news that a knee injury which kept Abbey Lee Kershaw out of New York Fashion Week now dictates that she will skip the season altogether. After being given the all-clear by a doctor to travel to the Milan and Paris legs of FW0910, Kershaw arrived in Milan for castings but lasted a day, unable to negotiate walking in the season's footwear, Chic Management director Kathy Ward told frockwriter. Noted Ward, “She flew to Milan, went to some castings, but she wasn’t ready to walk in high-heeled shoes”.

Ward did not clarify which castings Kershaw attended but one must assume that with four Gucci campaigns under her belt in the past 12 months, Gucci would have been a sure bet this season. Above and below are two closeups of some of the Gucci shoes that Kershaw may have been obliged to wear had she been runway-fit.

gucci FW0910/

According to Ward, Kershaw has had a longstanding problem with her knee ligaments and made the decision to skip New York Fashion Week after an arthroscopic investigation just after Christmas revealed bone fragments.

According to Ward, Kershaw received medical advice that she would be OK to pick up the season at the midway point.

One wonders if Kershaw's orthopedic specialist has sighted some of the extreme footwear in which models have recently been expected to walk - prompting numerous stumbles already this season, notably Monika Jagaciak's spectacular stack in New York.

Given how much publicity the moment's extreme footwear fad has enjoyed - with numerous doctors weighing in on the health risks - it seems surprising that they were not across the story.

Under the circumstances, one has to assume that Kershaw’s catwalk stumble at New York’s Rodarte show last September – not to mention her collapse at the Alexander McQueen show several weeks later, due to a restrictive corset – did not help the situation.

“It could have exacerbated the situation – possibly, I don’t know for sure” noted Ward.

“She hasn’t had a full knee reconstruction - but she needs to rest and get strong again before doing anything else” Ward added. “She’s back in New York. She’ll have to take the season off”.


Style On Track said...

Ouch, I think Abbey made the right move

Mike said...

Is there any justification as to why (not from a design point of view) but from a health/scientific one? Because how can you be expected to wear such ridiculously extreme shoes? It's models' bread and butter but I honestly think high profile or not, models in general should have a longer think about the shows they are doing. I rather would see Abbey Lee do shows for Van Noten in one instance.

Anonymous said...

Raf Simons' Jil Sander show seems to have been one of the best if not best show this season, and it looked like he only used small heels.


Patty Huntington said...

agree on jil sander - beautiful. a bit hard to see the shoes in the runway shots but simons did in fact have some doozies in that show. here is a closer look on imelda:

Anonymous said...

the shoes look painful =( but nice

Anonymous said...


Her energy MADE the Victoria's Secret 2008 show.

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