Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A. K. G. Nair, fashion savant

Frockwriter knew there was a reason why we started trawling through every fashion video that is uploaded onto YouTube (well, courtesy of a handy, one-stop shop alert system). And by George, we think we found it. Ladies and gentleman, we give you A. K. G. Nair, Group Director of the Pearl Academy of Fashion – which calls itself India’s premier design, fashion, retail, production and merchandise management institute. Frockwriter was astounded to discover that not only is Nair a prolific vlogger – he is also a vastly underappreciated vlogger, whose videos had, until now, scored zero views. Considering how many insights are offered, that just won’t do.

Here is an anthology of some of Nair’s finest musings, shot against what look to be the Venetian blinds of his office and delivered in his soothing voice, whilst colleagues shuffle noisily behind the camera.

Could Nair be the next net fashion sensation? Judge for yourself, as Nair asks the probing questions, “Is fashion only for the rich, or for the masses too?” and “What is the value proposition of high-priced labels in the fashion?”, whilst waxing lyrical on everything from “The pricing of fashion as a commodity and brand” to “The impact of slowdown on the fashion industry”, “Going beyond clothing, fashion can be holistically applied” and the mildly subversive “Bureaucracy is not competent enough to manage academia”.

Not to mention frockwriter’s fave, “Fit is a matter of understanding the body, its contours, postures, and slopes”.


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Such wisdom! Why wasn't he on the LMFF business seminar panel?

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