Friday, July 23, 2010

Abbey Lee Kershaw and Catherine McNeil to replace new bride Miranda Kerr for the David Jones Spring/Summer 2010/2011 runway show

David Jones might have lost its ceo Mark McInnes and now even its new face Miranda Kerr, at least just for one season - with Kerr announcing on the Nine Network's Today Show this morning that she and Orlando Bloom have married and she will be skipping the department store's August 3 Spring/Summer runway showcase (with insiders reporting she is three months pregnant). But DJs has gained a fabulous replacement for the show: Abbey Lee Kershaw. Sources close to Kershaw confirm she will be replacing Kerr in the show (which is an in-season show designed to launch DJs new designer collections to consumers). Once a DJs Youth Ambassador, Kershaw is now ranked the world number six five runway/editorial/advertising model by US-based modelling authority (moving up one place in the space of a fortnight). It's a fantastic get for DJs. UPDATE: Frockwriter's sources confirm that world number 12 Catherine McNeil is also doing the show, which is even better news for DJs. Other models on DJs' runway will include Nicole Trunfio, who did last season's show alongside Kerr and DJs regular Alexandra Agoston. All since confirmed in Kerr's statement that was released at 8.00am this morning (to which frockwriter did not have access), but which no mainstream media outlet considered sufficiently interesting to report at the time.

All models, coincidentally, are from the same agency as Kerr: Chic Management.

Kerr would be on a multimillion dollar contract with David Jones and the news, although of course joyous for Kerr and Bloom, is a tad inconvenient for DJs. So very handy that Chic could step in with two modelling superstars to replace her at short notice.

It's probably a safe bet that Kerr might not be doing the DJs Autumn/Winter 2011 show in the first week of February either.

The latter coincides, perhaps awkwardly, with the launch of New York Fashion Week - a time when modelling superstars tend to be extremely busy.


Miann - Fashion Falsehood said...

God I love how quick you are!! Watching the news thismorning I was waiting to see what you'd report. Thanks for being THE BEST. :)

Adellie Blogger said...

Agreed! While we're on the topic of Cat McNeil- I walked past a newsstand today and glanced at Grazia and saw a headline insinuating Michael Clarke and Cat are an item: i assume they're talking business? I thought I heard she was dating Freja Beha??

Thanks for te speedy updates Patty, made my 5am start so much more bearable :)

Patty Huntington said...

hey tks but ...not really. i wasn't sent the DJs press release about the wedding, which went out this morning just after 8.00am. others reported the wedding first. but they did fail to mention ALK etc - even though i have since discovered that info was on the release. they didn't report it presumably because they didn't think it was interesting.

so i didn't have a release, just some intel. i mentioned last night on twitter that a replacement was due to be announced.

vogue australia, interestingly, promoted their post about kerr and the replacement on twitter "7 hours ago", which at time of writing means 10.33am. the post in question, however, is dated "7.01am". you'd figure if they had such hot news they wouldn't wait three and a half hours to alert twitter, right? one explanation is that they backdated the post to make it look like they had the news before even the today show announced it! you do have to laugh.

Sam said...

Channel 9 said they had the worldwide exclusive and I believe it was embargoed until 8am which is when I understand the press release was sent out ...

There was no whispers about her wedding prior to 8am on twitter and it's pretty good with real-time info, I was searching for it from 7am and nothing until it was revealed by Channel 9.

So Vogue look a bit silly now don't they?

Clare Fan said...

More DJs news... keep an eye out for Clare Venema on the runway at the Sydney shows! Chic x 3....

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