Thursday, April 27, 2006

Peter Morrissey’s Bingle bungle

Late last night Peter Morrissey had his own "So where the bloody are you?" moment outside the show of his mate (and former bf) Jayson Brunsdon. Lara Bingle, the star of that overhyped Oz tourism campaign, was Morrissey's date - and she was late.

Morrissey has never been one to miss a photo op - well, except for those two years now that's he declined to show on Fashion Week's runways. But he told me that after Lara's bloody brouhaha hit the headlines, he realised they were both from Yowie Bay and looked her up.

So what of the magic moments from yesterday? Problem was, they were thin on the ground - certainly none had popped by my deadline last night.

Gail Sorronda really stood out in the group shows but she should do a solo show next time around if she can manage it. You can have an endless series of pretty frocks and snappy tailoring, but Fashion Weeks are all about what us fashion folk commonly refer to as "fashion moments".

The dresses in Aurelio Costarella's show, which unfortunately I missed while writing today's story, did look absolutely beautiful in the photos - I saw the entire collection once I finally arrived home, at about 10.30pm.

So yes, I stand corrected on the show timing front. Although things weren't auguring well after the Akira show delay, somehow Fashion Week got back on time. I must say it's the first time in 11 years that shows have started so close to the advertised times.

I was running to one show as the doors were about to close - and it was 10 minutes past schedule. Maybe they took a few leaves out of the Kiwis' show books. Their shows run like clockwork. The head of NZ Fashion Week, Pieter Stewart, is one very chic sargeant major.

This morning I'll be at Icebergs down in Bondi for the Kirrily Johnston show at 9am. Great location for a show, especially for any internationals who are new to this town. Like Costarella, Johnston also just keeps getting better, so looking forward to it.

Just to answer a couple of blog questions. Sorry for the delay. Someone asked if Milich & Morton are showing. Not this year. They have however just opened their first boutique at 12 Glenmore Road, Paddington. Just at the Glenmore Road/Oxford Street intersection there. For anyone unfamiliar with Sydney's retail hangs, this area has become a hip new hotspot. Lots of boutiques (from Sass & Bide's first freestanding store to Kiwi label World to Scanlan & Theodore and Tsubi).

Someone also asked about Tight Knickers. It's a brand, dude ( But I'm sure that wasn't the answer you were hoping for.

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