Saturday, April 29, 2006

Questions for the blog

While we're waiting for the next show - Joveeba at 3.00pm - a few fashionistas/os wanted to pass on a few questions for the blog.

Lily Cole - the world's number 28 supermodel (source:, backstage at Alice McCall

"Why is there not much food backstage at shows here?"

Who said supermodels don't eat?

Hiro Suzuki - H30 fashion/PR agency, Tokyo. Standing outside the Cargo Hall

"Why don't some Australian models shave properly?"

Hiro reports having spotted a number of models sporting a five o'clock shadow under their arms. This is precisely the kind of thing that a Japanese fashionisto would notice of course. In Japan, pubic hair is famously airbrushed out of photographs and under-arm laser epilation is, I hear, the go. I can't think of anything more painful..

Me - My BlackBerry

Finally I would like to know why male models aren't made to wear G-strings under their swimsuits, as applies to their female counterparts?

I was somewhat taken aback yesterday, in the swimwear group show, to spot far too much wedding tackle detail in the swim shorts of all those aspiring Chippendales who were modelling for the Serjeant brand. I don't want to have to think about circumcision at a fashion show.

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