Sunday, April 30, 2006

Where are the celebs?

Last night Sonny and I climbed aboard HMAS MAFW - at least that's what I'm calling the Azimut yacht which has been moored outside the Park Hyatt for the duration of the event. And which has been talked up all week as the place where VVIPs are due to cluster each evening at sunset, like some exotic breed of game park bird.

We're hoping for a few sightings. Better still, some badly-behaved VVIPs - especially after Will & Toby's.

It's a sad state of affairs when the biggest names aboard a $4 million luxury cruiser are B-list ingenue Alyssa McClelland, Tara Moss castoff Peter Mochrie and The Minister for Sport, Tourism and Superyachts, Sandra Nori.

But there you have it folks - for last night at least.

Not having had a spare nanosecond throughout the week, it was the first chance I'd had to check out the boat. Apparently the upwardly mobile and pregnant fashion star Kit Willow Podgornik had taken the top tier tinny out for a private harbour cruise on the previous evening, but last night it was groaning with Fashion Week hangers-on.

Oh and a couple of pirates - not fashion plagiarists, for a change, just models dressed as same. They were the last vestiges of the Friday group show featuring Ed + Bek who are, yes you may have guessed it, sponsored by Azimut. I'm curious whether they came up with the nautical-inspired collection idea before they scored the Azimut sponsorship, or after. Let's hope Podgornik doesn't name her baby Estee Lauder.

So the Sunster and I scoured the vessel from top to bottom, including two luxury suites where you'd figure some shenanigans might be taking place. But not even a rumpled bedspread.

The only person with anything remotely resembling a major celeb connection was Dave Evans - he of Hugo's, who is helming the week's catering aboard this floating photoop, which is crawling with photographers.

Evans was of course recently linked with Elle Macpherson. The Evans camp has flatly denied that any romance is taking place.

As we swung through into the supersuite - which is equipped with a plasma screen and what at first appeared to be a pair of bedside microphones, but which I was subsequently informed were funky Italian lights - we discovered Evans alone in there, having a chat on the phone.

"Where's Elle?" I asked, unable to help myself.

"In Moscow" replied Evans, who didn't know me from a bar of soap.

I guess everyone is privvy to The Body's travel itinerary.

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