Thursday, September 11, 2008

Black eyes, busted ribs and cockroaches: Alice Burdeu blogs it like it is from the frontline

burdeu at marc jacobs, sep 8/

You thought Abbey Lee Kershaw’s stiletto stack was tough chic? Well just listen to Alice Burdeu, who is enjoying a guest stint this week blogging for the website of US Paper Magazine. And she’s telling it like it is – which is unlikely to impress the powers-that-be at her agency Elite, who probably thought the stint would be one great big fabulous plug. The Australia’s Next Top Model model house sounds like Trump Tower compared to Burdeu’s New York Fashion Week digs.

In Burdeu’s first post, dated September 9, she shares her personal theory about Fashion Week:

“It’s similar to one I’ve heard from many women about child birth. That if you truly remembered the pain and agony of labor you’d never do it again".

In the same post she mentions a recent run-in with a messenger bike at a casting, out of which Burdeu has apparently gained a lot of mileage:
“I entertain many, as I re-tell and describe my disgusting, bloody swollen eye, possible unsuspected broken/damaged rib over and over again during the long wait at a certain cattle call casting...”

In her latest post from yesterday, Burdeu calls male models “ego-driven bastards”, reports that she has lost one toenail due to the high heels and describes the less-than-plush conditions in which she is living.

“I’m in luck -- I have my bed to myself!” notes Burdeu, who goes on to report:
“By the time I get home I am exhausted as are the 11 other girls I’m currently living with. Cockroaches are the number one topic of conversation. A couple of girls are actually clinically phobic over them but to be honest, I couldn’t care less! As long as they don’t sleep in my bed. I’m Australian and there are far worse creatures you could be living with… just go camping in my home country!!”

Gee whiz, it sounds like Elite really looks after its girls.


Imelda Matt said...

Who knew 'The Bird' could be so entertaining. I will note she's a Melbourne girl so the only thing worse than a roach in your bed, is an AFL player!

Anonymous said...

Alice Burdeu is a momumental bore. On the catwalk and in photos she looks like she could not be having less fun. She has one look and even that one look isn't particularly interesting. I reckon the cockroaches in her apartment would make better models.

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