Thursday, September 25, 2008

Live and luxe: Dolce e Gabbana

dolce e gabbana SS09

I don't know how many of you watched the show video live, but I imagine Dolce e Gabbana's site traffic exploded. That's one way of taking fashion to the masses.

Don't have any show notes in front of me, or the benefit of any other shots beyond my own blurry screen grabs, but the collection looked to be an opulent amalgam of richly embellished fabrics and embroideries offset by extravagant costume jewellery and behemoth platform wedges.

The rich fabrics were translated into voluminous silhouettes. There were pannier skirts and cocktail jackets and blouses featuring oversized puffed sleeves - a definite period reference there, which bore somewhat of a resemblance to the traditional butterfly sleeves of the national dress of the Philippines.

A second theme of pyjama chic featured loose silk wide-legged trousers, peignoir-style robe jackets and microshorts. [UPDATE 26/09 @ 8.30am AEST: According to WWD, which obviously did see the show notes, the collection was titled 'Pyjama Baroque'].

The finale, usually done in collaboration with venerated Parisian embroiderer Fran├žois Lesage, showcased a spectacular series of off-white cocktail dresses and ballgowns that were heavily encrusted with silk flowers.

If there's a Recession on, evidently D&G didn't get the memo.

Click here to see the complete collection on


Anonymous said...

ha ha what recession????
Its all about the extra special frocks cos you dont want to buy too much when there's a recession going on! Its all about investment pieces!
The show wasnt something I would wear anytime soon but it was very beautiful,so a very expensive garden!

goooooood girl said...

So good......

Imelda Matt said...'s fast 'n furious. I took myself to bed after the good screen grabs of the wedges. But the flip is that I wrote my post and now the images have dropped I can post away.

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