Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The lovely bones: Anna Lundgaard

nick kelly/velour via noir facade
Frockwriter recently launched a new series dedicated to images of extreme thinness that are promoted by the fashion industry. Whether these are the fruit of contrived poses in which the models have been art directed, crafty Photoshop work or else that is exactly what the models in question look like, we thought it was worth sharing a few of those shots that some publishers green light, which prompt others to do a double take. While this hilarious shot of Dane Anna Lundgaard from the latest issue of Velour magazine is clearly a fantasy concept, we couldn't help pondering its inescapable irony against the backdrop of the skinny model debate. One assumes it may be deliberate satire. Lensed by Brit Nick Kelly and styled by Alexia Somerville, it's part of an editorial called 'Heroes or Villains' that is based on the cartoon superhero world. And quite possibly inspired by Skeletor and Scare Glow, the two skeletal villains of Mattel's Masters of the Universe cartoon franchise. Head to Noir Facade to see the rest of the series.


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