Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shadtoto Prasetio: The Jakarta protocol

Over Christmas the US east coast was blanketed by a ferocious snow blizzard, while heavy snow prompted airport closures across Europe. Australia, meanwhile, has been experiencing its wettest summer on record, with thousands in Queensland stranded by floods. Not helping assuage our paranoia that we could be facing a Roland Emmerich-style snowmaggedon: NASA reports that 2010 was the hottest year on record and one meteorologist claims we are inching towards a mini ice age. Emerging Indonesian photographer and filmmaker Shadtoto Prasetio picks up the global warming gauntlet with this haunting editorial called Climate Climax. Starring Juliet Pishnyak, the spread appears in the December edition of new Indonesian fashion magazine Dew (as spotted by Noir Facade). Dew was launched in August by photographer/art director Teuku Ajie who, like Shadtoto, is 24 and based in Jakarta. Shadtoto’s blog has some other work with an equally interesting horror bent, notably the Desperate Housewife and Horrific Beauty stories. Definitely one to watch. 


all images: shadtoto prasetio for dew magazine, via shadtoto prasetio 


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