Saturday, December 18, 2010

A supermodel New Year

vogue paris june/july 2009 via style frizz

Some parts of the world might be winding down for the holidays but of course, fashion never sleeps. Frockwriter has it on good authority that Polish supermodel Anja Rubik (above)  – who is ranked as the world No 3 by – will be winging her way downunder to shoot for Vogue Australia, in time for New Year’s Eve. With 11 international Vogue covers to her credit, six of them in 2010, one could only speculate that if Rubik was going to be featured anywhere in an upcoming edition of Vogue Australia, surely it would be the cover? If that’s the case, then good to see our Vogue finally shooting more of its own material, after many years of rehashing covers from international editions. Sure, plenty of other international and local titles do this, however all the publicity and accolades regarding Vogue Australia’s original covers over the past year, from Cate Blanchett to Abbey Lee Kershaw, Catherine McNeil and Miranda Kerr, can’t have hurt push the idea along. But we understand that Rubik might not be the only supermod in town over the New Year. 

Iekeliene Stange arrived on Monday this week, to promote the Wish Autumn/Winter 2011 campaign that was just shot in New York with Sonny Vandevelde

McNeil is apparently already back home for Christmas. There is even a chance, we also hear, that Kershaw might either not be heading back to New York after this week’s Portmans shoot, or else may be returning. 

If Kerr does indeed plan to have her baby downunder, as per speculation, she would most likely need to be getting back soon, given that she is due in January. 

Kerr probably won’t feel much like partying on NYE but don’t count on the others not kicking their heels up. Especially the Next posse (Rubik, McNeil, Kershaw). We hear they may even be joined by a US celebrity...


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