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Is Jezebel's model mole looking at a book deal?

jenna sauers/elite milano

If frockwriter’s Sitemeter intel is anything to go by, then perhaps so. Regular readers will recall a recent post which discussed the mystery surrounding the real identity of "Tatiana Anymodel", the anonymous model mole who pens the Modelslips column on the New York-based, Gawker spinoff women’s blog, Jezebel. UPDATE 22/07/09: CASE CLOSED - JENNA SAUERS IS TATIANA ANYMODEL.

Frockwriter profiled three models who have been touted on various web forums as potential Tatianas.

As far as frockwriter is aware, only two of the three models already pen their own blogs. The blogs were linked in the post.

Now non-bloggers may be fascinated – or perhaps mortified – to learn just how much information the average blogger is able to glean from their readers.

Services such as Google Analytics and Sitemeter provide detailed visitor information at a glance, including not just IP addresses, but also company domain names, referring sites, entry and exit pages etc.

Two days ago, I was intrigued to spot the name of a major international, US-based, publishing house checking in on frockwriter.

The company representative had gone directly to, and was interested specifically in, just one thread from a fortnight ago: The Tatiana mystery: Is Kiwi Jenna Sauers Jezebel’s model mole?

Jezebel is an extremely high profile blog which, in the space of a mere year, has swept aside millions of other blogs to grab a Technorati Top 100 position, with an authority of 4,399 and a rank of 57.

Paris-based American model/actor Velvet d’Amour recently told me that after one of her recent interviews was picked up by Jezebel and run as a two-parter, she was pursued by two separate literary agents, both of whom seemed confident of securing a book deal.

When I wrote 'The Tatiana Mystery' post, low-profile, New Zealand-born and –raised model Jenna Sauers appeared to be the most likely candidate of the three names put forward – if indeed Tatiana is to be found amongst these three names.

As mentioned in that post, Sauers had already once flatly denied that she is Tatiana - on The Fashion Spot web forum.

In a comment dated July 30 on her own blog, Sauers denied once again that she is the author of Modelslips.

Noted Sauers:
"I’m not the anonymous columnist....There are an awful lot of models who are smart and good-enough writers to do what the Jezebel blogger does, and plenty who are also low enough on the fashion food chain for their on-the-side efforts to go unnoticed. The one reason this whole issue doesn’t bother me is that at least I know everyone within the industry knows this; they spend all day meeting models who read, models who care about politics, models who are passionate about film and who can talk up a storm on 100 topics. I think it’s just non-industry folk who go “Wa-hey! A smart moddle! With her bloggity-bloggin!” and immediately assume I’m Jezebel’s source”.

Tatiana’s latest post on Jezebel meanwhile, dated July 29, discusses dating issues.

Tatiana refers to a recent ex as “The Guy”. And she refers to said ex's disdain of her favourite author:

“My favorite author was someone he, personally, found 'pessimistic and dry', and it spoke volumes about my personality that I attached a 'talismanic authority' to the author's works and persona. ("So," mused a friend, 'if you liked Ann Rice, you'd be too much of a bloodsucker?') I have the wrong color hair and I'm an atheist lacking in appreciation for life's mysteries”.

On July 16 on her own blog, Sauers referred to a recent breakup with a boyfriend.

In a July 19 post Sauers refers to some model mates as "The Lithuanian" and "The Ukrainian".

In Sauers’ own blog bio, she refers to herself as:
“a moderately obsessive Joan Didion fan”.

Sauers also refers to Didion in three other blog posts.





Bryanboy said...

jesus patty, you're on a roll!!!!!!

Patty Huntington said...

Well you did recommend sitemeter BB. My gawd the info it provides is interesting.

Anonymous said...

I came across Jenna's blog after reading her posts on Jezebel under the name rosiered. Haven't seen a rosiered post for a long, long time...

jodes said...

Google Analytics is also very handy for that kind of blog analysis.

Patty Huntington said...

Jodes - I also use GA. It's great too - but doesn't tell you what the company domain names are at a glance (or does it? I may well not be looking in the right place).

anon - Now that is interesting. Thanks for the tip. Will check out.

Timo Rissanen said...

Sitemeter is hilarious. Ever since I wondered what a long leg panty girdle was, I've had a steady stream of peeps googling for same (let's put 'steady' into context: I get about 1.6 visitors a day, of which about 0.95 is moi. Am content, though - there is an agenda for my blog's existence, and traffic doesn't really come into it). I still don't know what said girdle is but am convinced I need to have one. We all do - trust me on this. I'm a fashion designer and sweat zeitgeist even if it means putting men into leggings with built-in jockstraps.

This model thing is intriguing. Now what happened to the four inches?

Anonymous said...

Wow. That boyfriend? We were together 3 1/2 years — hardly the Parisian summer romance Tatiana seems to have her nose out-of-joint about.

And anyone who could construe my lady Joan as "pessimistic and dry" needs their bifocals checked.

That said? Anyone from a major US publisher who wants to give a non-anonymous model a book deal should feel free to contact me through my blog...

Anonymous said...

Additionally, and this is minor: Although I posted about the breakup with the man who'd been my partner on July 16, you'll notice the events discussed in that post happened at the end of April/beginning of May. Other posts I wrote in situ match that chronology.

My ex and I are also on fine terms. In fact, I'm typing this from his apartment, because it's my afternoon with the darling kitty he took custody of. Truman Capote says mrow!

Peter M. said...

I'm Jenna's ex. I'd like to state for the record that I adore Joan Didion's books.

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