Thursday, August 7, 2008

Model revheads: Dad and Orlando bonded over bikes

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It’s great for designers, and models, to be able to have their nearest-and-dearest with them at fashion shows. The only problem is keeping them away from the press. In Miranda Kerr’s case, after Tuesday night’s DJs show, there were 15 family members in tow. I had a quick chat with dad John Kerr - who revealed there was a little more to the story surrounding those motorcycle pics of Miranda’s bf Orlando Bloom that were shot at Dare Jennings' Sydney motorbike shop Deux ex Machina in May (^).

Is this the first runway show of Miranda’s that you’ve seen?
John Kerr: It’s the first big one that I’ve been to.

Which other shows have you seen?
I’m not sure. Not too many. Only on tv. Like everybody else, sit in the armchair and watch.

It’s a long way from Gunnedah.
Yeah, it’s not too bad. I drove down here last Sunday. Had dinner and breakfast with Miranda and then drove home.

There are quite a few famous Gunnedah girls. One bagged a Packer.
There is. Yes, that’s right.

And one might bag a Bloom?
Yeah, no… there’s some famous people that have come out of the area. There’s also sports people…

So, something in the water?
Must be (chuckles).

Miranda has had a fantastic career.
Oh yeah, yeah… It’s been amazing for her, yes.

She started when she was so young.
Yes she did. It was mainly for Dolly. And then she went and finished school. So she did year 11 and 12. And that’s when she really started to model full-time.

So you have your whole family here?
Pretty much.

How many people are here?
Fifteen of us all up.

Who’s here?
I’ve got my mum and dad. My sister and there’s some other cousins, Therese’s brother and sister-in-law and nephews and nieces.

So a whole family affair.
Pretty much.

john kerr with wife therese and miranda after tuesday night's show

Is there a David Jones in Gunnedah?
No. There might be soon!

Where is the nearest DJs?
I think you’ve got to go to Newcastle. There was one in Tamworth, but I think they closed it down. But yeah, they’re saying they’re opening up a few stores around the place.

And what do you think about Orlando?
He’s a nice guy.

When was the last time you saw him?
The last time I saw him was when he was here. Back a couple of months ago. We went motorbike riding together.

Did you? Where?
We went down south of here. Just trying to think of the place. It’s where they hold some motorbike riding…south of Sydney.

So some sort of competition?
No, no - just him and I.

What sort of bikes?
We rode Yamahas, KDMs, stuff like that.

Do you like motorbikes?
I like riding motorbikes.

What was Orlando like on a bike?
He was good.

How long were you riding bikes for?
All my life.

No I meant how long were you and Orlando riding bikes for?
Oh all day. Yep, all day.

So you hung out, had a few beers?
Yeah, yeah… no it was good.

Does he seem like a bit of a hellraiser to you?
No not really. Pretty sort of down to earth guy. I wouldn’t call him a hellraiser.

Noone had any stacks?
No, not at all. We had special guides. Actually training us how to ride better. So that was good. Because even though I’ve ridden motorbikes all my life, you don’t know everything. You can still teach an old dog new tricks.


Dataceptionist said...

Either Mr Kerr is not particularly articulate, or you had an unwilling interview subject. You've done well with him though LOL

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