Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ray of light: Costarella gets his IMG dues (after paying his IMG fees)

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You won’t read this on Chic Report Chicettes! Frockwriter recently mentioned that online zine The Daily (which, like Chic Report, is owned by IMG) recently made a booboo with its announcement that, in the wake of sass & bide’s pullout from the IMG-operated Mercedes Benz Fashion Week component of New York Fashion Week's spring/summer 2009 season, Alice McCall was the only Australian left on the IMG schedule. As we pointed out, McCall isn’t on the IMG schedule at all – but Perth’s Aurelio “Ray” Costarella is. And had paid his deposit for the privilege. Overnight The Daily attempted to rectify this slipup.

Noted The Daily’s Nola Weinstein yesterday:

“Although Sass and Bide won't grace the Tents this season, Bryant Park won't be devoid of Australian influence. Come September, Perth's own Aurelio Costarella will unveil his confections at the Salon in Bryant Park. Although he has shown in New York before, both at Bumble and bumble and the Prince George Ballroom, this marks his inaugural appearance at Bryant Park. Rihanna, Dita Von Teese, Sharon Stone, Eva Mendes, Parker Posey and Leelee Sobieski count themselves as fans--so perhaps a star sighting is on the horizon?”

That’s as distinct from The Daily’s entry on August 1st, also by Weinstein:

“Sass and Bide's absence leaves Alice McCall, who is showing for the first time in New York, as the only Australian designer at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week”.

Although we reported on July 24th that Costarella would be showing on September 11 at 9.00am, it emerges that he is in fact showing on September 11 at 9.00pm – the slot immediately following Zac Posen, as vacated by another Australian, Jayson Brunsdon.

Like sass & bide - and, it appears, also Willow - Brunsdon is sitting this NY season out.


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