Thursday, August 28, 2008

Backstage @ Myer

Long time no post.... Apologies, I've been tied up with deadlines. But I did pop into the second 'store wars' salvo of the Australian SS0809 season launch: last night's Myer show. No Miranda Kerr of course, but in her place Jennifer 'Hawko' Hawkins. Also, top Oz catwalkers Alexandra Agoston, who we saw at David Jones three weeks ago and Tallulah Morton (^) - who we saw at DJs' AW08 show in February, but not the spring/summer show because, in the interim, under-18s were given their marching orders by DJs.

As this blog has been pointing out for the past month, Morton has much bigger fashion fish to fry than David Jones.

Such as Jean Paul Gaultier, the Cobrasnake, the NY model hype machine, not to mention the spring/summer 2009 runway shows, which kick off Friday week in New York.

Indeed judging by her "PARI$" T-shirt last night, Morton seems to know only too well where the big fashion money lies.

Here are a few shots I managed to snap in between sneaking in backstage before the show started - and being ushered out the back door.

More to come.


Anonymous said...

Myer seems to be amping up their plus size departments - any plus size models in the show??

Patty Huntington said...

In a word, no.

Unless of course you count Jennifer Hawkins and indeed a number of other local models.

Compared with Olga Sherer, Siri Tollerod and the rest of the emaciated runway elite of Paris and Milan, Hawko et co would be considered plus-sized.

Anonymous said...

Tallulah Morton is my favourite aussie model , she is so beautiful and versitile. I love reading our blog, always interesting pictures and issues too :)

Anonymous said...

Actually Patti they would be (in the words of Wayne a.k.a. "Paul McCartney" Cooper) called fat cows rather than plus size, but I appreciate your response to my question.

Anonymous said...

God! i am so sick of these people always asking and cheering on about crappy plus size models! get over it! I am fat but seriously just freaking take it for what it is! Its fashion! Its great! Just enjoy the ride! Its not a human right protest! Its freaking clothes, its fantasy!

Anonymous said...

^ I dunno what's funnier - the Cooper/McCartney reference or the idea that anything Myer does should be considered *fantasy*. Seriously, you can walk into any of a number of stores and buy the stuff, and see Hawko at the opening of an envelope.

I thought Anon 8:30's question was fair enough. Besides, plus-size models aren't all the same size as Velvet, you know.

Anonymous said...

OK then Anon 8.45am
fashion show is about fantasy, selling a concept,a dream, not a 15 min doco on what real people looks like or buy!
my point is I'm just sick of this "real women/plus size/healthy figured model" war! its so lame :(
No they didnt have busted size models on the runway, yes you can mostly likely get the clothes that was on the runway in plus size!
I dont think Hawkins is a plus size, I'm guessing some people wanna see a size 14 on the runway so they can sit at home and cheer on obesity cos skinny girls are the only one with health risk!
hell i am over weight at the moment cos I've been ill for the last few months and trust me there is nothing to be proud of !

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