Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sarah Stephens: "Good vibe" from Mario Testino, hat trick from Greg Kadel

A very quick chat with Sarah Stephens (R ^) and Rachel Rutt backstage after Tuesday's David Jones show.

Stephens must have been on a whirlwind trip back downunder because she has been in New York for the past two months, where she does not appear to have stopped either working - or talking to media outlets.

Here are some details via Stephens' new New York magazine model profile and a few others, including that amusing New York mag video she did last month.

With Stephens was another potential Chic hatchling, Rachel Rutt, who told me that she's just waiting to finish her last year of school this year, before she plans to head OS as well.

Rutt speaks with an American accent - and for a reason that not even she appears to understand.

"Yeah it's American, apparently" said Rutt. "I grew up in Japan".

Here's the chat with Stephens:

So just a quick visit back home then – are you heading back to New York soon?
Sarah Stephens: I’m going back Thursday week. Going back for the shows. Give them a go.

What was the Mario Testino shoot for? The New York reporter mentioned it [in the above-linked video] but I don’t recall seeing anything else about a Testino shoot.
It was just for a casting. So mainly I just got a good vibe from Mario.

Testino didn’t option you exclusively then – à la Catherine McNeil?
Not that I know of. I’m not sure. And I worked with Greg Kadel three times, for Numero Homme and French Numero and Italian Vogue.

So it’s been pretty hectic?
It’s been pretty hectic over there. It’s quite daunting to go back there again. I’m just really planning to go back and do the castings for the shows.

Is Myf [Shepherd] still over there? Are you friends with Myf?
Yeah, I think she’s back here at the moment. She’s doing her final year of school.


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