Saturday, October 4, 2008

In Vogue: McBeha

vogue italia/glen luchford via

No this is not a portrait of a young Mick Jagger although granted, there is a remarkable resemblance. This is top Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen, as shot by Glen Luchford for the October edition of Vogue Italia. Erichsen also happens to be the November covergirl of Vogue Nippon - as well as great mates with the November covergirl of Vogue Australia, Catherine McNeil, who is currently giving the European runways a miss while she nurses a mystery illness. But McNeil's health isn't the only mystery preoccupying the blogosphere at the moment. Net wags seem to be convinced that romance is in the air for the duo, prompting the creation of a hybrid couple name: McBeha.

Here is Erichsen's Vogue Nippon cover:

vogue nippon november 08/TFS

And McNeil's Vogue Australia equivalent:

vogue australia november 08/TFS

Now look McNeil's and Erichsen's private lives are, one assumes, really their own affairs. When confronted by all the net speculation which has been circulating for at least six months, McNeil's Australian agent Kathy Ward told frockwriter point blank, "I don't comment on models' personal affairs".

And fair enough.

Some nevertheless continue to be incredibly excited by sightings of the duo in close proximity backstage, out and about at parties or on shoots:

mcbeha via cutebunny121/bellazon

I mean, just because McNeil - who apparently likes to call herself 'the Bogan from Logan' - boasts a plethora of piercings and tats, originally planned to be a mechanic and was once dubbed hot by out MTV Australia VJ Ruby Rose, does that axiomatically make McNeil an L-train ticketholder?

Also to be taken into account is the fact that some seem intent on romantically linking Erichsen with any and every female model who ever sat in the vicinity of her hair & makeup chair. A case in point, Irina Lazareanu - speculation around which liaison prompted the creation of yet another hybrid name, "Frina".

Frockwriter is stumped.

All we will say is that, irrespective of sexual proclivities, the fashion biz could do with a few more ballbreakers. So bring 'em on.



onthestaircase said...

hmm.. rumours and gossips aside, these 2 girls are great models and beautiful people. it is nice to know that they are very good friends too. no matter what, they deserve the best!

MR style said...

fantastic freja !!!!! i love it !!

Anonymous said...

if they are really together, then i'm happy for them. but you are right, i believe a lot of girls that get within freja's arm length, people just maliciously assume they're her latest fling. it makes freja look like a major player.

Anonymous said...

I saw them at logan hyperdome holding hands and whispering in eachothers ears over coffee.
Obviously Catherine brought Freja home to meet the family...

Anonymous said...

^details please! you should have taken pictures;)

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