Thursday, January 1, 2009

McBeha on the Park via gossipgirls

How many supermods does it take to ring in New Year’s in Sydney? At least three going by a set of images which has just surfaced of Catherine McNeil and Danish gf Freja Beha Erichsen walking out of Sydney's Sheraton on the Park Hotel yesterday. The world numbers eight and 11 respectively, as ranked by, join the world number three, Canadian Coco Rocha, who is spending two months in Australia over summer, with all of it to date in Sydney. Judging by the support bandage (or possibly even plaster cast) and crutches sported by McNeil, one wonders whether perhaps she may have incurred an injury playing soccer – as did Rocha a few days ago. That’s what happens when you play soccer in gladiator sandals. With Gemma Ward, the world former number one – now ranked as’s world number 24 “Money Girl" – reportedly about to shack up with fellow Perth mod Nicole Trunfio at a Byron Bay beachhouse, that’s a lot of supes in NSW.

Although there are direct quotes from Trunfio, but not Ward, in this recent Perth newspaper story, Ward reportedly confirmed to the paper that she plans to return to modelling in 2009.

Ward and Trunfio, one assumes, may not be 'shacking up' in quite the same manner as McNeil and Erichsen, aka “McBeha”. If not, then perhaps the fashion world is about to greet its latest model hybrid.

Although these new McNeil images first popped up on, the celebrity gossip blog neither recognised Erichsen, nor, hilariously, even appeared to be aware of her much-mooted liaison with McNeil.

The site refers to Erichsen as McNeil's "gal pal" - since corrected from the original version, as listed on Google News, and which referred to Erichsen as McNeil's "sister".

The story also mentions a mystery "boyfriend". The latter seems nevertheless to be merely carrying the duo's packages - which include a large David Jones bag (and may, as it turns out, have been the partner of McNeil's New York agent Stephen Lee, who is in Sydney with McNeil. According to McNeil's agency, they were heading out to dinner when the photographs were taken).

Fashionologie, naturally, did fill in the blanks.

As just noted by the L Anonymous "Lesbian gossip and wit" web forum, McNeil and Erichsen appear to not only be wearing matching silver rings on the same finger, but also swapping clothes.

One L Anonymous poster has located an image of Erichsen standing in what looks to be Hyde Park, which is located directly opposite the Sheraton on the Park Hotel, in the same grey T-shirt worn yesterday by McNeil. The shirt is emblazoned with drug references.

According to the Sheraton on the Park Hotel, a "C McNeil" is still in residence at the hotel.


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