Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seafolly backstage at RSFF

sonny vandevelde

A mini backstage portfolio by Sonny Vandevelde from today's Seafolly show at the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival. Among models who joined RSFF face Elyse Taylor (right, above) on the runway was under-the-radar Shanay Hall from Sydney's Viviens/IMG New York + Milan (shots #1, #3 and #6), who bears more than a passing resemblance to's world number three Lara Stone. For more Seafolly show images head to Sonny Photos.

all photos: sonny vandevelde


Emma said...

Love Shanay Hall - for a petite girl (5"6-5"7 i think) she's done so well. She just did a great editorial for New Zealand's Fashion Quarterly mag -

And in my mind she will always be a "Russh Girl" - one of their frequently used faves who epitomises their aesthetic (like Zippora and Tallulah etc)

Sunster said...


this will take you directly to the seafolly post



Anonymous said...

Shanay is pretty but i don't see any resemblance to lara stone!

Suzie said...

Neither - unless you mean she is curvy like Lara? I suppose her nose is kinda similar too. Gorgeous though!

Style On Track said...

I'm a HUGE fan of Lara Stone and I believe Shanay is a great starting model, but I don't believe they resemble each other quite so much

redbarren said...

Patty - thought the Sonny photos were killa - They totally popped out of my monitor :)! Wanted to just add a quick complementary Seafolly link to your always speedy classy coverage of Fashion events.. in this case one of the Modelfeeders Kieta was in the Seafolly show + she lifecasted before + afterwards. Intro + link...

Kieta on Modlefeed dot com : "Ash, me and Dalia being a little crazy. The Seafolly show was so much fun! The swimsuits were awesome and the shoes were easy to walk in, so no runway drama’s :)..."

Thx BB - any questions or requests for Modelfeed we'd love to field for you Patty. My email is ben at modelfeed dot com!

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