Saturday, June 5, 2010

Adidas, Beckham, Daft Punk and co do the Star Wars cantina scene

Two weeks ago, Nike broke its own viral record for the most views of an online video in a single week (7.8million) with its Write The Future video, produced in the leadup to the World Cup. Adidas has just returned fire with this epic homage to the famous Star Wars cantina scene starring a raft of music and sports stars, including David Beckham, Snoop Dog, Daft Punk and Noel Gallagher. At a mere 100K views at time of writing, watch this go viral...


AMS-info said...

NIKE got me - this so didnt... saw it this arvo & think is cheap buy-in that fails. iconic footage with some contemporary 'big names' spliced in - seems to ride off previous success of star wars without injecting anything into the Adidas brand?

or am I missing something?

if the you tube numbers are up does that translate to more kudos for Adidas? yes agree it'll go viral, but it's not good brand strategy.

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