Thursday, June 3, 2010

Zanita Whittington tastes life in the fat lane

zanita whittington's twitpic

Since frockwriter revealed in late April that Sydney model and blogger Zanita Whittington was LA-bound to star in an advertising campaign for American Apparel, she has garnered quite a bit of press. A raft of outlets, starting with Jezebel and New York Magazine, noted that Whittington's win was at odds with American Apparel's claim that the company only uses its employees, and not genetically-blessed professional models, in its campaigns. So was Whittington trying to get a little closer to regular folk today when she used an odious new iPhone app called Fatbooth to don a digital fat suit and Tweet a rather more rotund version of herself? “Better lay off the chocolates” she quipped in a Twitpic caption. (Here is our recent, non-enhanced shot of Whittington, below, for comparison). Anyone launching a modelizer app that turns the plus-sized into size zeros?


Zanita said...

Thanks frockwriter for featuring my latest self portrait! Inspired by the recent focus on shape in the fashion media and my latest love interest, Ferrero Roche.

Eating is the new black?

Anonymous said...

I cant quite put my finger on it, but there does seem to be something offensive about a model using this fatbooth image along with the caption about laying off the chocolate and then saying the shot was inspired by all the media interest in body image.

By this rationale, should we debate the idea of positive body image or should we just tell the plus size to stop eating all that food. Is nt the whole issue to do with sensitivity ?

I dont think its about stick thin models anymore Abbey Lee and Miranda Kerr, who both verge on underweight and far from the average body size, are the media poster girls for Australian success in the overseas fashion industry. Which Im sure sends a very strong message to todays celebrity/infamy obsessed youth.


Anonymous the second said...

I think Zanita was going for tongue-in-cheek parody there. Or more pointedly, the triple cheek with extra cheese. Team Zanita!

Editor said...

There's an app for that? Good lord. Though I could see it being an interesting starting point for an online social experiment--ie how many followers/Facebook friends/etc. would she have if that were her profile pic?

If that future modelizer app makes people look taller, count me in!

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