Friday, June 11, 2010

Nutbush City Limits: Romance Was Born's "granular" film collab with Kris Moyes

Last night in Sydney, Romance Was Born's Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales unveiled City Limits, a short film directed by Kris Moyes. Shot over one day in Sydney and starring local model Tanja Gacic, it's a fantastic - and hilariously camp - little collaboration that was designed to showcase RWB's Autumn/Winter 2010 Nightmare on Wall Street collection (but which will now be shopped to the film festival circuit by production company Revolver Films). A little less Freddy Krueger than you might anticipate - and a little more Blade Runner-meets-Kill Bill-meets-The Rocky Horror Picture Show - City Limits portrays Gacic as a DayGlo Spandex-clad corporate assassin who goes postal at a cocktail party. Best moment: Gacic clubbing Guy Pearce-lookalike Matthew Charleston with a decapitated head. The impressive crew includes cinematographer Danny Ruhlmann (Little Fish) and 1st AD Deb Antoniou (Where The Wind Things Are). Below are a few screen caps. But click here to see frockwriter's Posterous pic gallery of location shots (images courtesy Kris Moyes/Revolver). And click here to watch the film itself.


Anonymous said...

Violence in a short or feature film, camp or not is sometimes very hard to handle. But it crosses a very defined line when that short film is a marketing exercise to sell clothes and promote a fashion label.

It would be interesting to find a magazine fashion editor that would condone violence towards women, (whether the protagonist is female or not) as a means of selling a frock.

The 'shock and spectacle' tactics of RWB are getting very old, very quickly.

Patty Huntington said...

presumably, you are not a fan of the horror genre. many are not, of course. it remains, nevertheless, a long-established cinematic genre. and one that has experienced a renaissance over the past decade, thanks to the crossover success of japanese and korean horror (with films such as the ring and the grudge being remade into english version box office hits). and not forgetting the twilight series. how much product have blood-sucking vampires helped market to teenagers in recent years? there is no supernatural element in this RWB film but it definitely falls into the horror basket. i suggest you never rent out any dario argento, or hitchcock for that matter - the latter responsible for one of cinema's most iconic moments, the psycho shower scene. yes, it involved a woman. and yes, some have slammed hitchcock as a misogynist.

great point about magazine editors being unwilling to push the envelope. magazines are commercial entitities, with advertising interests. little wonder that few are willing to take risks. agreed, there is a line. you are entitled to your opinion, of course, but i'm not convinced RWB has pushed it. to my eye this is clearly a spoof. it’s also an independent film. an art project.

even the few magazine editors who do take risks often second guess themselves. case in point steven klein’s 2009 ‘lara fiction noir’ editorial shot for paris vogue. the most shocking images ran only on his website (but were whipped across the net by a score of fans):

as it later emerged, paris vogue not only did a careful edit, but even photoshopped out the guns:

Under the Wing said...

love the film - it's hilarious and perfectly executed. Hats off to RWB for doing something different for a change - we're getting very tired of the same old same old.

Terry D said...

The first comment intrigues me, i am a man and am totally against violence against women.

But you think its wrong to feature women in a horror movie? would it be ok if a man was the one targeted and hurt????

I know this is very off the subject but if you are always making distinctions between gender you are separating them into two different bodies/groups and contradicts the equal paring of sexes everybody is working for

Terry D said...

The Film is amazing, i think a lot of brands are too focused on distributing their product which is of course business and a life line, where the main creative ouutlet is the runway show.

Most people wont ever attend one and will never see that side, the movie just makes the designers vision and expression to everyone

People need to see that creativity doesnt just exhist in something that you can touch like a dress or a jacket but a sensory experience like the movie or music

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