Wednesday, June 2, 2010

sass & bide get their motors running with Range Rover

prestige way

Carla Zampatti once customised a Ford Laser, Collette Dinnigan has had a longstanding relationship with Audi and of course Australian Fashion Week once partnered with Mercedes Benz. Behold Australia's latest fashionable automobile ambassadors: sass & bide's Heidi Middleton and Sarah-Jane Clarke, who have just hooked up with British luxury marque Range Rover, coincidentally in the same month that Range Rover celebrates its 40th anniversary. And while a liaison with Queen Elizabeth II's preferred wheels option - a car that is fondly referred to in Melbourne circles as the "Toorak Taxi" - might seem a little establishment for this funky downtown fashion brand, whose hero products are sprayed-on jeans and leggings, Middleton and Clarke are for the moment spruiking the virtues of the newer, slightly more compact Range Rover Sport. According to the sass & bide HQ, Middleton has the keys to a white one, while Clarke's is black. Although British-born, Range Rover was acquired by India's Tata Motors for US$2.5billion in 2008, along with its Land Rover parent and Jaguar, and may soon shift manufacturing to China.


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