Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Eye of the Tiger: Melise Williams rocks Nicola Finetti's lookbook

Melise Williams is definitely on frockwriter’s Ones 2 Watch list. We first spotted her in November 2008 in a student fashion show in Sydney when she was just 15. Clocked her February 2010 cover of NZ’s Metro magazine. And bumped into her at last month's Rosemount Australian Fashion Week – noting that she recently jumped ship from the Platform agency to Chic Management. Sadly Williams only did three RAFW shows - Gary Bigeni, Camilla and Therese Rawsthorne. Nicola Finetti was not one of them, however she did just score Finetti’s Spring/Summer 2010/2011 lookbook. Click here to see frockwriter’s preview of the lookbook on Posterous. Sixteen year-old Williams was also included in a series of promotional video interviews that were recently shot in Sydney to coincide with the launch of a new film called Tiger, a fictional story about models working in Tokyo.

Here's the trailer:

The film was produced by the Beaufort collective – which is fronted by the enigmatic, multitasking Sydney actor/producer/comedian and erstwhile model James McFay.

Also known as James Maclurcan, he is apparently best-known for playing Mackenzie 'Mack' Hartford, the Red Ranger, in Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive and was once part of a comedy group called The Nice Guys.

What does Williams have to do with Tiger or McFay/Maclurcan?

Absolutely no idea. But here she is:


Anonymous said...

James McFay has done a really good job with the Tiger film - it's s shame that he is not getting more attention for the film.
Is there even an event in Sydney that gives emerging creatives like James a platform to promote his work?

James said...

Hey Patty thanks for the press! Great to see Melise is doing so well - she was really kind to help out with the promotion for Tiger. The videos feature girls and guys from Platform, Chadwicks and Vivien's and there are plenty more of them at beaufort.asia. Anina.net from 360Fashion came up with the idea of them - and participates in one of the interviews too. Checkout the Tiger DVD @ beaufort.bigcartel.com. Or if you're in Japan come and check it out at the Pia Film Festival in July-August! Thanks again Patty - James

anina.net said...

Dear Patty,

I agree with Nicole, there are not a lot of places where young film makers can really show their films. Tiger has such great cinematography, and it tells the real story of modelling, not like the Tyra banks show, etc.

I think this film belongs up there with Catwalk, and some of the other films. I wish there were a venue we could show this movie to the fashion industry. It rocks!

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