Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tallulah rising - on COACD


Another day, another Australian model enjoys a little Big Apple buzz. Nice to see that this one has her clothes on. Overnight top model industry blog Confessions of a Casting Director (COACD) featured 16 year-old Tallulah Morton.

It’s a simple post. Four Polaroids, the headline “Tallulah at Marilyn” (her agency) and one succinct line:
“All grown up and looking fabulous”.

There were seven comments the last time I checked, several of which also clocked the Karlie Kloss resemblance which has previously struck me. Top US newcomer Kloss was not on the scene when Morton first emerged in 2005-2006.

Modelling is about having the right “look” at the right time, and it seems that Morton's time is rapidly approaching.

Gemma Ward, many will recall, was swiftly followed by lookalike Russian Sasha Pivovarova.

Another key issue of course is the fact that at 16, Morton is now of a more manageable age vis-a-vis international work, given the under-16 age restrictions in several markets.

One place where Morton won’t be able to get any work however is the David Jones runway show – due to DJs 'decision last week to ban all models aged under 18 from the show.

Hilarious really. And their loss - not Morton's.


Anonymous said...

I think the people at David Jones are kinda dumb...its like having a good car but no one knows how to drive it!
Everything is so backward,
Australia's oldest high end department store seems more like your local supermarket...its very lame.

M.H. said...

Well I think once you already have done a few international runway shows, walking for David Jones seems like a grandfathered thing (laughs). I am still profound the fact that she is still only 16. She doesn't look 16 at all. Talking to her obviously gives away her young age.

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