Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Absence of Melise - but perhaps not for much longer

Meet Melise Williams. No, you have never heard of her, that’s right. Nor had frockwriter - until we spotted her at last week’s graduation show for Sydney Institute’s Fashion Design Studio. In fact, the doe-eyed beauty really stood out from the pack. We tracked her down to her Australian mother agency which, as it turned out, was just about to launch Williams into orbit.

Williams is 15 and has been modelling for three years.

Initially signed to Platform Models' Cute Kids childrens division, she quickly moved into the modelling division after becoming too tall.

Work to date has consisted of some very low profile fashion shows, including those of UTS, Rosie Hogan, Antonia Paris and the Fashion Design Studio – including the latter’s Australian Fashion Week show in May this year. And evidently in spite of the under-16 ban that had been imposed on the event.

A kind of Ivanka Trump/Olga Sherer hybrid, Williams boasts, perhaps not surprisingly, a Turkish/Bosnian heritage.

Just out of braces - and turning 16 next month - Williams will remain at school but hopes to continue to model in her school holidays.

Frockwriter has a hunch that she is going to do well.

two shots above/platform models


Anonymous said...

Wow, massive potential! It looks as thought her mother agency has been doing all the right things.

Anonymous said...

Melise is a young & bright shinning star. She will go far very soon!
Check out her stunning shots that I've found from an outstanding photographer Simon Le at:

Anonymous said...

Low profile shows like 'rosie hogan'? she was featured in an unpublicised preview/ package that was sent to Valentino and also in a documentary on the designer (who designs for one of the most famous fashion houses in the world -do your research). Just because a designer isn't involved in daggy australian fashion weeks, does not mean that they are low profile and comparable to UTS students!

Anonymous said...

She went to school with me.

Anonymous said...

melise went to school at meriden but then left. she looks amazing now she has lost so much weight but good on her she looks beutiful and has a good future in modelling!

Anonymous said...

lol i went to school with her we were friends. but yeah she looks really thin now. oh well hopefully she will soon be modeling all round the world. i remember when she was like 10 she kept telling me she was gonna be a model. XD

Anonymous said...

She has a unique look, i am confident SHE WILL MAKE IT!

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