Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gemma Ward: Apparently not going out in New York via bianca/ONTD_Fashinfags

“Far from embracing the hectic social life of her New York base Gemma spends most of her time in the company of her mother Claire, refusing invitations to parties and other events”. So notes this week’s edition of Australian Grazia. In these just-published shots, snapped at an undisclosed New York location last night, Gemma Ward certainly looks like a miserable recluse.

Just turned 21 - and one week away from a possible Best Actress gong at Australia’s Inside Film Awards, which are due to take place November 13th at the Royal Pines Resort on Queensland’s Gold Coast - Ward joined the delirium which followed Barack Obama’s historic win.

It must have been a pretty incredible moment to experience first-hand.

Ward is still an Australian citizen as far as frockwriter is aware, but had she been eligible to cast her vote, it’s pretty obvious who would have won it. via bianca/ONTD_Fashinfags



Maxie said...

Ah Grazia...
Patty, i'm interested to hear an update on your thoughts regarding Grazia.
I noticed in last week's copy there were lots of very cheap and nasty ads... catalogue-style ads for Myer, amoung others.
In my experience, that's usually a sign things in the sales department are getting a little desperate.
Am i wrong?

Anonymous said...

Gemma is probably still grieving for the death of her boyfriend Heath Ledger. They would have come out as a couple by now if he hadn't accidently died. She made an exception for this historic night, Obama's win, and I'm sure most New Yorkers (mostly Democrats) and the Aussie posse living there (which Heath and Gemma were a part of) ere out partying bigtime.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous no.1 should stop reading NW...

Anonymous said...

She has an editorial in this month's Italian Vogue with Lily Donaldson :)

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