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Tallulah Morton - apparently still partying with The Cobrasnake

the cobrasnake

Four months after controversial party photographs of 16 year-old Australian model Tallulah Morton first surfaced on the high profile website of US party snapper Mark ‘The Cobrasnake’ Hunter – and kept on surfacing – yet more classy Cobrasnake party snaps of La Morton have appeared. The latest were taken in Auckland over the weekend at a party for No Magazine.

There to celebrate the first anniversary of the quarterly indie Kiwi mag – whose fourth cover, of Peaches Geldof, was taken by Hunter – Morton and Hunter appear to have been the guests of honour.

Morton lived up to her reputation as a hard partying gal, snapped arm-in-arm with other partygoers, couch and podium dancing and even handing out poppers. That's poppers of the innocuous streamer variety, frockwriter trusts – as we trust that was mere orange juice being knocked back by Morton, who is of course still under the legal drinking age in Australia and New Zealand.

the cobrasnake

I did not mention it at the time, because frankly, I thought I'd give her a break, but the fact is, Morton was wandering around the party which followed Myer's Sydney show in August, with a glass of champagne in her hand.

At a big party, that was crawling with photographers, that’s really a great look for a 16 year-old who had made the news in Australia several weeks beforehand over a series of Paris party shots.

In the latter photographs, taken by Hunter, Morton had looked very much under the weather, whilst holding a magnum of Absolut vodka.

Morton's mother agency, Scene Models, laughed off the Paris party shots at the time.

Scene’s Nicolas Alexander told The Sydney Morning Herald:
"Tallulah is always such a responsible young lady, and this seems out of character. She always has someone in each country with her when away and is always with a chaperone, so it would appear the pictures are being made out to be more than what they actually are."

Although some assumed Morton might have consolidated her nascent international runway career in the Spring/Summer 2009 season, as revealed by frockwriter in late September, Morton was recalled to Australia after the season’s New York leg, after failing to shake a nagging flu.

The Troyt Coburn editorial that we mentioned was coming up in Australian Vogue’s December issue is now out. The spread is called, funnily enough, 'Indecent Exposure'. Speculation in Auckland suggests that Hunter may be shooting Morton for the next No Magazine cover today.

Pedestrian TV was evidently on the money when it asked, back in July, ‘Is Tallulah Morton the new Cory Kennedy?’.

Morton would appear to have definitely supplanted Kennedy as Hunter’s muse.

Although denied by Morton, there is much speculation that Morton and Hunter may even be romantically linked. Shots of Morton brushing her teeth in what one assumes is an Auckland hotel room, don't really help quell that speculation. But look, we're sure it's great for Hunter's image as a playboy.

As for Morton's image, it should be noted that Cory Kennedy was a teenage nobody before being snapped by Hunter and transformed into an overnight net celebrity.

Morton, on the other hand, is a professional model who was being paid for her image from the age of 13. Her career, or at least the kind of career to which one assumes Morton and her management aspire, hinges on the propensity for prestige international publications and luxury fashion and beauty brands to continue to pay her for it – because they think her look aligns with their brands.

Is she at risk of cheapening that image by continuing to give it away in this way?

Or is there no such thing as bad publicity?

Time will tell.



Thom Kerr said...

Wow! Tallulah is so hot!!! Love these shots!!!

Ha Ha Ha

She should do a Burberry campaign.

Anonymous said...

Who knows if she keeps partying that well she'll end up like Nicole Trunfio...not really doing much is she? Bits here and there..
Keep partying Tallulah! You're so hot! We wanna cheer you on when you end up pregnant or in rehab! We are all counting on it! You're hot!

Ha Ha Ha

She should do a Burberry campaign.

Anonymous said...

everyone went wild at 16 but being a child 'professional' this reputation of hers will be a downfall. where are her parents and her agency 'minders'? i also heard she also cheated on her boyfriend with mark hunter cobrasnake. way to go to have people talking about you for all the wrong reasons.
partying aside, she does turn it ON in front of the camera though.

Imelda Matt said...

OUCH...It's Myer the 'family friendly' department store?

Party on Wayne!

Anonymous said...

Umm isn't that you Mr. Thom Kerr getting wild and woolly with Tallulah in NZ?

Irena said...

i'm so ovah Tallulah

choosing D-list over the A-train.way to go.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she should do a Burberry campaign....

ROFL. Yeah, right.

What happened to Tallulah being the 'face' of the Aus. fashion label Cue? She seemed to disappear from their ads right after the Absolut Cobrasnake debacle. No-one contracts a 'face of' for just one shoot.

It wasn't exactly haute couture, but Miranda Kerr did very well from similar brand Portman's campaign.

I hope Tallulah gets it together, but it doesn't look like it will happen any time soon, if at all.

Patty Huntington said...

catherine mcneil did one season, from memory, for cue. as have other models. many brands in fact contract models on a one season basis. it provides variety and it would irrefutably also be cheaper than locking them in for an extended period of time - which would presumably boast some element of exclusivity and preclude their ability to work for some competitors.

it seems more than coincidental that miranda kerr's deal with david jones, for example, followed the expiry of the portmans contract.

Patty Huntington said...

just to clarify on nicole trunfio - and apologies to nicole, i should have stepped in here before now - nicole is on the cover of the november edition of madison magazine, in an editorial within november elle italia, she recently appeared in a guess? campaign and scored no less than the cover of australian vogue.

Anna said...

woah, ease up comments people! she's still just a kid. if you have criticisms, wouldn't it be more appropriate to focus on the adults involved?

Anonymous said...

OH Patty,
We all know Nicole Trunfio trying to make a comeback,yeah true she is on bits here and there lately but remember when she walked for nearly every major fashion shows and at the peak of her career she lost it and party her way off the catwalk and into the clubs???
Now its Tallulahs turn to mess up her life and try to make a comeback in 4 years later or just end up a crack addict or fat from drinking too much and no jobs :)

Anonymous said...

I hate its full of dirty looking people, like the guys look like they would have crabs and smell like weed and the girls look like they would smell of the new Chloe perfume (so mass common cos they all think they are Kate Moss and Chloe Sevigny) and cigarettes and second hand clothes!!
Thom Kerr is lame and Tallulah is a dumb little child ! where the hell is her mum and dad ?!

Patty Huntington said...

guys, just a reminder that while most of you are anonymous, i am not. i appreciate the feedback but unfortunately with this particular system, i am unable to edit comments. so any comment which includes material that is legally worrisome can't go up at all.

i do think this is a very interesting subject, which merits wider discussion.

Emma said...

wow she is only 16! She's is so beautiful and cool,I am 14 and I wanna be a model too but sadly I am short (boo) I love fashion,she is my new it girl!
Get over it negetive people :(
We all love to have good time so why put her down for?!
she is so wild! I love it!

Carla said...

Emma, people are concerned (though some might show it in inappropriate ways) because an underage girl seems to be making a lot of decisions that help others. Those same decisions seem to have had a bad effect on her own successful career and, possibly, her health.

The people who are seen to be benefiting are older. Some might say they are being exploitative. Think of how easy it is for you to influence and take advantage of someone who is 8 years old. It's even easier to manipulate someone much younger than you if they're drinking (which Tallulah has been photographed doing) or taking drugs.

Unfortunately your comment only shows how uncool it all is, and why the reputation Tallulah is developing could be increasingly harmful to her own career.

Jessica said...

Dear Anonymous,

I feel compelled to comment as your comment that "Thom Kerr is lame and Tallulah is a dumb little child !" is pretty bitter. Typical: you would hide such venom behind your anonymity. How brave.

Thom Kerr is one of the best up-and-coming photographers Australia has to offer. This isn't merely a personal opinion, but one that s echoed by the legions of people within the industry in Australia and overseas. You can "Thom Kerr is lame" all you want, but it wont cancel out the fact that he wont be "Anonymous" in a few years to come.

Tallulah is just doing what everyone did at 16. If you have issue with this, take it up with her minders.

Anonymous said...

If Kate Moss can recover from photos of her doing cocaine, plastered all over the world. I think Tallulah can recover from having some vodka in her orange juice. A sixteen year old model having a drink here and there is a pretty easy target. Why dont you guys get off the internet, go outside and get some fresh air. And as they say, pick on someone your own size.

Anonymous said...

give me a break sorry this site isnt the vogue forum leave the negative bitchy young comments there my friends ps love tom kerr what a talented man he is. x

Patty Huntington said...

just to clarify something here. i simply asked the question, is it possible that the relentless party shots of tallulah morton on the cobrasnake's website might impact on her career?

there is no evidence that this overexposure has had a negative impact as yet. i also asked, is there any such thing as negative publicity? some have argued the kate moss case, where the latter's earnings increased in the wake of the cocaine scandal. there's no comparison really because firstly, this is not a tabloid scandal involving illegal drugs. and secondly, kate moss was already at the top of her game when that incident occurred. what happens from this point on remains to be seen. moss' hard partying lifestyle would appear to already be telling on her face. which, as they say, is her fortune.

although morton is certainly of interest because she is still so young, she is not, interestingly, the only australian model who is raising eyebrows with her off-runway activities at the moment. i gather some in the industry seem a little nonplussed by stephanie carta's new blog, which recounts stories of all-nighters and blinders.

Anonymous said...

Jessica ...Tallulah is a dumb child,she is totally screwing up her career!! and I did ask .....where on earth is her parents??!!!
and Thom Kerr is lame for telling a child that she is cool doing the stupid shit that she is doing!
I didnt question his talent! i am sure he is good at snapping e.g. Amy Winehouse is a great song writer/ singer but she is still a crack addict!
Its not bitter I'm just telling it the way i see it!

Emma said...

Carla whatever! You're just old! Yes I am 14 but I am turning 15 in a less then 2 months so get over it! I think I am mature enough to speak my own mind, I know what I am doing ok.
Tallulah is such hot chick she can do whatever she likes,she is famous :)
I would so love to party with her, what do you want us teen to do? Sit at home and play with Barbie?

jo said...

Carla, your last point is just so precisely illustrated above. Cognitively-challenged impressionable teenagers striving to be "cool" unfortunately sometimes make great role models for other cognitively-challenged impressionable teenagers striving to be "cool".

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking maybe someone's just illustrating their point and Emma isn't actually a 14 year old aspiring model.

I dearsay I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaand I think this kind of article while superficially interesting is a waste of time and there's no way around it, it's gossip. Let it lie, meowing about it isn't going to change anything- there are a million kids doing far worse things, let's not target the famous girl 'cos it's fun to see her prove us right.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

meh, she didn't even last her second major international season on the catwalk.Lets not feed her ego,I am sure we will be going ...Tallulah who? every soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow all you people with nothing better to do. so sad. Tallulah is 16 so she can act like a 16 year old.

Anonymous said...

exactly she is only 16 thats why we are concern.

Lindsay rose said...

We all got drunk and partied at 16.
all of us

Every last one of us.

most of us, behind Mac Donald's or in the park or under mum n dad's house, wishing we could be tallulah on a table surrounded by experienced friends (who were probably watching out for her constantly).

and Thom Kerr? did anyone see the spread he did with her in Duke magazine? how awesome was it to see a 16 year old portrayed as a strong and dynamic character as opposed to the usual trashy, faded girl against a white wall with no styling effort, a bit of nipple and a cigarette and her arse in the air.

you must be joking... said...

from Harper's Bazzar to Duke (available at 20 outlets around the world, or you could subscribe to their 4 sporadic issues over 2 years)

I wish I could laugh but it's too pathetic

Anonymous said...

i cant believe the people that are saying that shit about her
i know tallula, she is living her life to the fullest, who cares if she fucks up her career, she has had the time of her life.
what where you doing at 16 years of age. she is 17 now anyway

Anonymous said...

wow all of you have thought way too much about this and have way to much time on your hands! don't you feel a bit creepy talking about her since you don't even know who the fuck she is? she will be 18 in a few months anyway so get over it

ruby said...

who cares what she does, there a way more teenagers that do way worste things then her. you dont even do her and clearly you dont have a clue what your writing about because you have got it all wrong.
and why should tally have to worry about what people thing of her all the time

Anonymous said...

why the fuss about 'the cobrasnake' the guy looks like luigi from the mario brothers and everyone loves him.

...........but who am i to judge, haven't met him, i suppose everyone wants to be famous so they tag along like sheep.

Anonymous said...

This insignificant and unpopular blog would like to dramatize the situation emphasizing the bad publicity...

Wow I think a lot of you guys are pathetic do you have nothing better to discuss, is Tallulah really that bloody interesting.
I've know her for a couple of years now and as for the Cobra Snake photos she's just a teenager who wants to party and have fun like the rest of us, she's a very warm bubbly person who would jump and give a stranger a hug, I can see how people could interpret this as Tallulah being all over someone, she's just very energetic and friendly
Tallulah is 18 now so can legally drink but as for the past you'd be hard pressed to find a 16 year old that hasn't had an alcoholic beverage because underage drinking is common in Australian, and in NZ
& yeah she could be taking the partying lifestyle a bit extreme, she may pay the price in the long run but who are you people to judge her. You have absolutely no idea the life she's led and trust me it wasn't all Smiles, Gucci and Prada, she hasn't had the easiest life with her mother

But she's trying to make the most of it. She is a crazy/beautiful person and amazing model who deserves to further her career - any judgments you make of her are insignificant you don't even know her pffft

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