Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bend it like Calvin: Alyssa Sutherland's HUGE comeback

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Gemma Ward isn't the only Oz model with a CK connection and the acting bug. A former face of Bvlgari, Nars and Chanel Cosmetics - and one of 10 cover stars of this month’s edition of Madison magazine in Australia - 27 year-old Alyssa Sutherland is the star of both the just-launched campaign for Calvin Klein's new yoga line Performance and her own 'webisode' series.

Although she emerged before the new Australian modelling wave that was ushered in by Ward after 2003, Sutherland has certainly had more than her fair share of international success.

She burst onto the modelling scene at the age of 15, as the national winner of the 1997 Girlfriend Model Search.

Consistently working ever since, with a new big campaign almost every year, Sutherland has also done quite a lot of lucrative, but nevertheless, low profile, catalogue work.

The Calvin Klein coup is a great get, making Sutherland one of only four Australians, as far as frockwriter can recall, to secure a CK advertising contract (after Ward, Travis Fimmel and Abbey Lee Kershaw, who features in the current cK Jeans campaign). Industry sources say the campaign could have netted Sutherland US$50-100K – it’s no Calvin Klein fragrance campaign, as scored by Ward, and at a time when Ward was at the very top of the industry.

nathaniel goldberg/calvin klein

Like Ward, Sutherland has also recently ventured into film, recently talking about two walk-on film roles (one of them, The Devil Wears Prada).

Sutherland’s IMDB profile lists in fact four films and one episode of the television series New Amsterdam – but fails to mention one recent media production called HUGE in which Sutherland has the starring role.

HUGE is promoting itself as a “sexy webisode series” about the New York modelling/music scene. Sutherland plays the role of a "hasbeen model" called Izzy.

Directed by Malik Bader and produced by Brooklyn-based JamStar Media, the pilot and what appear to be four episodes are available online on Jaman.com until December 5 (see below).

The series is later due to move to other web destinations, before being offered for domestic and foreign TV and DVD sales. The series may go straight to DVD in other words. But it does look to be hugely entertaining, with a series catchline of:
"music models money mayhem"

According to the show synopsis:

"Huge is New York. Huge is rock, fashion, partying, hustling, and bullshitting. Huge can be yours."

The plotline goes something like this:

“HUGE follows Izzy, a stunning and savvy 30-something model who can no longer compete with the younger fashion elite. Determined to turn a new leaf, she convinces a gritty, but gifted, rock band on the cusp of stardom that she's the right person to manage them. All she needs to do now is get the band to the gigs and meetings that will make them or break them - provided that they don't break her or each other first.”

Sutherland speaks with what sounds like a British accent - but then, after almost a decade in New York, it's possible that she has adopted a trans-Atlantic drawl.


HUGE Trailer

Huge: Part 1: Morning Glory

Huge: Part 2: Face Time

Huge: Part 3: The Dis
Huge: Part 4: The Show(down)

Huge Behind The Scenes


Maxie said...

hmmm, not blowing my socks off Patty.
Alyssa is gorgeous, but "wooden" springs to mind after watching that.

as for the show, it SHOULD be great, but it's a bit.... i dunno, "meh".

it didn't reel me in at all.

Anonymous said...

That's a very limp-legged take on Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana. Clearly Sutherland can do it properly, why didn't cK have some yoga expert help them edit the film??

Love her though. Always have.

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