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'Too Young': The Cobrasnake exposes 200 girls, Tallulah does a pants-free iv

screen grab/the seen

Tallulah-gate rocks on, with 16 year-old Oz module Tallulah Morton popping up overnight in a video interview with her great mate, and apparently defacto media advisor, Mark 'The Cobrasnake' Hunter, on NZ cable fashion show The Seen. Throughout the iv, Morton giggles like the schoolgirl that she would be - if she hadn’t quit highschool to model fulltime. According to sources, not only did Morton not have any local agency representation on the ground throughout the interview, she didn’t even have any pants on. Clutching a giant Jaeha faux fox stole as a modesty panel, Morton did the entire interview in a pair of knickers. Much to the chagrin of the tv crew – members of which valiantly tried to get Morton to put her jeans on, to no avail. Hunter, meanwhile, is having a little vernissage tonight at Ksubi’s Bondi store. The title of the exhibition? “Too Young”. Oh the irony.

In ksubi’s press material, the exhibition is described as a showcase of:

“200 photos of young girls from The Cobrasnake’s photo blog; shot in London, Paris, LA, New York, Tokyo and Sydney over the last four years”.

Here’s the video interview, done by Isaac Hindin Miller. In the iv, Hunter – who says he is 22, but seems older, although perhaps that’s due to all the partying – describes himself as “an expert photographer” and Morton as “the Next Big Thing” in New York.

Well, she once was - and let's hope that is still the case.

Incidentally, Morton recently severed ties with the world's biggest model agency, IMG, which previously repped her in New York.



Anonymous said...

She is really naive. Poor girl.

Anonymous said...

Everything about this clip gives me the creeps.

Ash said...

Its gives me the creeps too Anonymous 2,I feel sorry for her.I used to like her but seeing how lost she is, I would never buy a product that she is endorsing cos her pay cheque is going towards her wreckless partying etc...
and those older creepy men shame on them!

Anonymous said...

That is not a 22 years old guy,Mark looks like a 32 years old sleaze bag taking advantage of a young girl. This makes me so sick.Where is her parents? What is Scene(her agency)doing about all this?
She needs to go back to school,I am just so sad by looking at this interview clip.So filthy its sad and what is she doing without underwear infront of all these older men,she is not even doing a photo shoot?!!!
I hate to say it cos its mean cos she is only a kid but how slutty.
Its just not right.

Anonymous said...

it's what you get from hanging with the kusbi bandwagon gang.

Anonymous said...

She seems really immature, despite clearly having spent a lot of time around people older than her. Her giggling, misunderstanding Isaac's question and inability to answer any questions properly does little to counter the stereotype that 'models are dumb'. One could say that perhaps she is shy, but I would say that isn't the case. She may be beautiful, but man does she come across as stupid. (She may of course not be stupid, but she certainly appears that way).

Patty Huntington said...

just to clarify - morton was wearing underwear. just nothing over the underwear. and reportedly, in spite of the best efforts of the crew to persuade her to put something on.

earlier in the day they had been doing the no magazine photoshoot.

Cassandra said...

"misunderstanding Isaac's question"

I think that was supposed to be a funny or cool answer that backfired. Or maybe she did misunderstand. For someone who is used to being in front of the camera she was acting really weird...

I'm with Anon. 1. I just feel sorry for her now.

Adam said...

Patty,Do you think somebody from a major Australian newspaper will copy your article soon? so that it becomes publicly aware of how much of a train wreck 16 years old Tallulah is starting to become,so that she can wake up and get smart about her life?
I feel so sad for her,the adults around her are totally taking advantage of her and she dosn't even know it.Just like how Stephanie Carter thinks the Ksubi guys are her BFF? I wonder will they be there for her when her career is burnt out?
Some girls just wanna be wanted and will do anything for attention,it really is a cry for help cos something is missing in there lives. sad.

Karina said...

aww shes so cute, clearly still a kid. let's hope she had some really short shorts on.

Anonymous said...

Patty Huntington said...

karina - i clarified with the source whether they were short shorts. i was assured that they were knickers. the garment was described as a pair of knitted wool knickers - apparently by the brand lonely hearts. and efforts were definitely made by some present to get her to put on a pair of jeans, which reportedly she said she could not find.

last anon - central station loves you appears to be a NY streetwear store with an adjunct blog. i am assured, by other bloggers, that it is not just another aggregator site which snaffles posts and just reproduces them wholesale. however the fact remains that that is exactly what the site does. frockwriter is on this guy's blogroll and then he simply copies entire posts that he likes and pastes them on his blog, essentially as his own entries. i have asked him to stop it on repeated occasions, to no avail.

Anonymous said...

Your not going to help Tallulah by publicly humiliating her. Why are the reps from Scene not asked for a comment in this article? Show me a 16 year old girl, that hasnt fallen in with the wrong crowd or guy, had a drink here and there, or rebelled against her parents. Don't project something onto this girl, because she isnt wearing pants (even though she is covered) on some little known web video. Im sure she is already going through a rough patch and doesnt need all this hot air on top of it. And If you want to get all "tabloid". This is verging on "cyber bullying".

Anonymous said...

ewww I hope she is not hoping in bed with him, then she'll be naive,sad and no taste at all! gross! No wonder that Mark hunter doush is mostly behind the lens of the camera.I feel sorry for her,wasting her good looks,youth and career like this.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes the knitted bikini bottoms from lonely hearts.

However in the runway show they were styled over tights...

Patty Huntington said...

3rd last anon - first up, your choice of words "little known web video" is somewhat naive.

secondly, 'the seen' is not a web video but a fashion show screened on alt tv on new zealand's sky digital 65. i linked to a youtube upload of tuesday night's episode. among the various people in attendance at the taping incidentally, was a rep from nz's biggest commercial network, TV3.

i like tallulah and i think she is a great model. does she have the discipline and focus to get to the next level? i don't know. her main priority at the moment seems to be having a good time. that's a priority for a lot of teenagers of course. although perhaps not the elite sportspeople or those actors, models and other professionals who are competing for a piece of the action in fiercely competitive global businesses.

where is the comment from scene? well where was the rep from scene? and while we are on the subject, where was the rep from scene at the myer party in august, when tallulah was having her champagne glass refilled, weeks after the agency had had to hose down the original paris party shots, claiming there had been a misunderstanding? tallulah does have a local agency in nz, but i gather there was noone there during the taping. the tv crew thought it was inappropriate that she did the iv in a pair of knickers - or bikini bottom, whatever the garment was - but reportedly she did not cooperate in putting on a pair of jeans. the last time i spoke with a rep from scene, in september, they did not seem terribly happy with the endless shots of tallulah on the cobrasnake.

i have been tracking talullah's career since she first popped up on the modelling radar. the very first item on her TFS thread is in fact an SMH story written by me in may 2005 when she emerged at australian fashion week. i gather the positive stories are perfectly OK with you, just not anything negative. i'm sorry but you can't court publicity when it suits you, for commercial gain, and then switch it off when it doesn't. i did not ask tallulah to avail herself for an endless stream of party shots on the cobrasnake. but for whatever reason she has been able to do so, the photos are there in the public domain and being further circulated on the net. it's fair comment to report on them.

Anonymous said...

It's kinda ridiculous to report on them. Patty, that's like a teenage girl saying "I didn't ask that girl to do all those slutty things but now she has so I'm going to talk about it heaps and draw a lot of unneeded attention to it"
I love this blog because I think you report well on interesting fashion news but this article is getting a wee bit too much like a Bridget Saunders tabloid.

This article is tired, who cares if she had underwear on, as long as she didn't flash her bits at the camera I think we should all chill out about that.

Find something quality to write about instead of having stupid arguments about knitted knickers versus shorts versus bikini bottoms.
Seriously wait ten minutes, watch some CNN and reread what you people have been saying!
Then have a giggle.

Anonymous said...

I guess after Cory Kennedy hit 18, Mark had to find himself a new underage girl. Somebody call Chris Hansen, stat.

Anonymous said...

Tallulah can't still be 16 can she? She was in a Cue campaign in 2005..what was she then..13?

Anonymous said...

Tallulah too young? How about her 1 year old sister Kiki ...

The opening shot on

Following in her fabulous sisters footsteps already perhaps ... god bless

Anonymous said...

and again actually ... a shot which puts the photographer at home with Tallulah after the party. Presumably the Paris home where Tallulah lives with her mother and sister.

So to answer all the comments 'where are her parents?' perhaps they are right there with her

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Patty Huntington said...

i published the last two comments because the shots that the comments link to are already in the public domain - on the widely-viewed cobrasnake photoblog.

the photos are on the cobrasnake photoblog for the following reasons:

1. morton's mother knows that hunter is a photographer and that he has a photo blog. elsewhere on the cobrasnake blog, there are other shots of morton's mother.
2. hunter was, one assumes, invited into the mortons' paris apartment by a consenting adult, ie morton’s mother, and had permission to take and publish the photos.
3. the shots have been on the cobrasnake blog for some time. if there was an issue with consent, or any objections to the images, presumably they would no longer still be there.

i am however going to draw the line in this specific case at facebook images. thanks for your understanding.

Anna said...

I don't think Patty's journalism has been tabloid. It's responsible to raise the questions of whether the photos published on cobrasnake, and if videos like this, have any bearing on a young model's career. Her income is directly related to her image. This is a model who has the potential for huge international success. Patty does not gain financially either way, so she is in a good position to report without bias. I believe she has done this well.

The more inappropriate comments simply reflect the change in the model's public image – which is what the article was exploring. If Cobrasnake wasn't using Tallulah as a muse (to advance his own career, which seems to harm her pre-existing image), it's likely that none of this would have been an issue anyway.

Sure, many models do things that would not be good for their image. But they are not documented doing them on a high traffic party website for all the world to see.

Anonymous said...

Tallulah is with red11 in NZ notorious in its laissez -faire attitude to young models so I'm not surprised about the lack of supervision. She was on the catwalk in NZ Fashion week at 13yrs old in a skimpy top which fell off leaving her boobs exposed... I feel really sorry for her she seems like asweet girl who is being used by others older than her, and old enough to know better

Anonymous said...

Not really sure what the big deal is. She has that giant furry thing on her lap the whole time, so she might as well have been wearing cutoffs or a short skirt for all anyone watching would know. Sure, she comes across as a giggly 16-year-old, a bit nervous about being interviewed - that's what she is!!

As for Mark, he genuinely is 22, as for looking older, maybe it's all the hair as he barely drinks and is vegetarian - hardly a hard-partier - as well as a sweet and genuine guy.

A lot of people seem to want to pile on and make assumptions about two people they really know nothing about. I find it a bit sad.

Kate said...

Last Anonymous,
I am guessing you're friends with both of them so its ok with you to justify what is happening.

1. I guess Mark is a nice genuin 22 years old so I guess its ok that he is having relationship with a 16years cos he is a nice guy ..right?

2.oh I guess its ok that she is sitting around in nickers at 16 years of age in front of grown men after all she was just sitting down and her vajayjay was covered,who cares right?

3.Mark dosnt party that much, he just turns up to every single parties in town to snap photos when people are completely drunk out of there brains and then he leave at 7 pm and go home and goes to bed and read his bible,sweet!

4. Giggly 16-years-old, a bit nervous girls,shouldnt they be nervous and giggling with there girlfriends in school?

5.Last Anonymous...are you a guy? or are you a social climber seperate to be part of the Ksubi band wagon,who once had a T-shirt label but now a just living in there moments and knows somebody, who knows somebody, who hangs out with Dan Single or George from Ksubi and you hangs around Surry Hills ? yeah party on man!...abit common.

Anonymous said...


I am not going to address your individual points as they can all be summed up thus: I rest my case.

Not one of your statements is accurate about any of the people involved, including me. But you are obviously very keen to leap to those assumptions.

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, Tallulah is 17 as of last week.

Kate said...

I'm not assuming I've seen them pash. Kate

Anonymous said...

Tallulah is 17 now! i guess case is close! now let the train wreck do her thing.

Patty Huntington said...

the latter comment would appear to speak volumes about some commenters here.

at 17, tallulah is not legally able to either vote or drink in australia. call the regulators wowsers if you like, and party on dudes, but bear in mind that the law is the law and for those establishments etc that are seen to be encouraging or facilitating underage drinking, there are severe penalties. don't shoot me.

indeed, there have many calls to reinstate the original legal drinking age of 21, which was amended in australia the 1970s, in a bid to attempt to curb the growing problem of underage binge drinking. tallulah is of course proving to be a tremendous role model in this debate.

in numerous states in the US by the way, she also remains under the legal age of consent.

Anonymous said...

I think when I was 16 or 17 I was far more out of control then this girl would ever be but the fact is that she is a model,her image and her look is the selling point of her career. I dont know any designers or a company who wants these kind of bad stigma associated
with there products.
If you're gonna live school at such a young age to pursue modelling then maybe she should take it more seriously ecspically with such great opportunity she's been getting.
Maybe this is a wake up call for her.
Bad media is one thing but when public start thinking negetive of you that's when you really have to start thinking.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I guess this was Tallulah's 17th birthday party. A good way to develop a white trash image. Her friends and family seem to be enjoying the attention.

It's not socially acceptable for someone who is legally an adult to date someone who is not. It doesn't matter whether Hunter is 22 or 32. But I won't bother explaining, for those who don't get it. There doesn't seem to be much point anymore.

I was first interested in this as an issue of moral responsibility. As someone who has a knowledge of marketing, and of fashion (including modeling and photography) history, I do not believe that Tallulah's career is developed enough to withstand this kind of publicity. As a woman, I felt concern and compassion for someone who looks like they are being exploited.

Mark Hunter's party snaps and infatuated photos of a young girl are incomparable to images taken by Corinne Day, David Sorrenti, Terry Richardson, or Larry Clark. Hunter merely comes across as an opportunistic predator who hit the jackpot in finding a successful young model with little guidance and a willing bunch of enablers. He seems to be enjoying it. Calling the latest set of photos Neverland is a gross reference.

Tallulah, her agency, her parents, and friends, don't seem to realise, or care.

Patty, your reports have been relevant, fair and socially responsible. However, I can't watch this story play out anymore.

Patty Huntington said...

oh dear. well look, it's possible that the intended 'neverland' reference there was peter pan - and not michael jackson. hence all the indian headdresses. so it's either an unfortunate oversight - or arrogance, on hunter's part.

i have sought comment from scene management, with as yet no response. i will chase this up. i do not however recognise any reps from scene at the party. just tallulah's mother, her baby sister - and a man who one assumes may be tallulah's stepfather.

Anonymous said...

has anyone spotted the irony in this photo?

Mega said...

I live near murwullumbah and let me tell you, it's a scumhole. I don't know what school she went to but more than 90% of the kids who go to those schools are scum. I'm not surprised she's like this, most of the kids around murwullumbah, and unfortunately the area that I live in, most of my generation (im 16) are partying and doing drugs and having sex. I havn't met one kid (and I'm not like, in the popular group, Im popular because I know ALOT of people.) who aspires to be something great like a doctor, vet or teacher. So really, I'm not shocked by Tallullah doing this, its no different than what the kids are doing back in her old town. The only difference is that she's famous. Oh, and skinny, everyone here is fat.

Oh, and just a little note on her appearance, I don't think she's ugly but I would have to say that I feel sorry for her. Highschool is so harsh on tall skinny girls. I don't know if she was picked on but I do know that alot of those girls are.

Anonymous said...

I've met Tallulah. There is nothing slutty or naive about her. She is an extremely outgoing, bubbly, vivacious young woman who is very comfortable and sure of herself (not arrogant). I am 26yo and I felt a little intimidated by her - not because of her looks (I have been around models half my life), but simply because of her spark and confidence.

Looking at the video, there is also nothing slutty or sick about that. Mark calls her a Muse, which typically does NOT mean that he is sleeping with her. Even gay men in the industry have "muses". They do seem very fond of and happy around eachother, so, good for them. Also, if he is 22 and she is 17; who cares if theyre dating? It's only a difference of 5 years. She seems MUCH older than 17 so I cannot image her dating someone her own age. When I was that age (even as a "normal" girl) I always dated older boys.. most girls do.

If I didnt know how old she was, I would have thought she was at least 21. She may as well be Giselle..

and for anyone on-set during the filming of that video.. nobody (including Tallulah) would care if she was only wearing knickers. Anyone and everyone in the fashion industry has been around naked models before, and they think nothing of it- it's their job. The other men standing around in the room may have even been gay, for all we know. If they were present for the No shoot which occurred beforehand, they'd all probably already seen her naked, getting changed all day.

This thread is so silly. I think people who want to cut her down are just jealous, really.

P.S.: How stunning does she look in the "Indecent Exposure" editorial in (Dec) Vogue Australia? It's on the fashion editor's website,

Anonymous said...

I met Tallulah too and after I turned my back on her I called her "Tool-lulah" and we all laugh..yeah she is beautiful but she is so caught up in the whole model scene etc.
Are you that ugly that you are intimidated by a 16 years old?
oh well sad.

Anonymous said...

second last anon, you are a very naive 26 year old (though i don't believe you are 26, or at least, i hope you are not).

for someone who has supposedly been around models half your life, you should know about image effecting income. just because a whole fleet of people see models naked or half naked backstage does not mean it is appropriate to conduct an interview in underpants, whether they are covered or not.

and a 5 year difference matters a LOT when one party is not legally an adult.

Anonymous said...

You're obviously far more immature than she is.

Yes I suppose she may be caught up in the whole model scene.. gee, how strange; considering she is one of Australia's most famed models at the moment.

and read what I just said.. I'm not intimidated by her looks.. I've grown up around models. It's her personality that is intimidating - because she is so outgoing and confident.. she is not your typical 16yo.

Anonymous said...

ok, i read all above comments and thought.. "Why and Who cares?" We are living in 2008 and soon it will be 2009. We have seen naked girl on billboard. her job is to be a model and she probably did naked torso shots for magazines etc. we are so used to it. Go to Germany, there are all those naked images on billboards and magazines. Ok, so she was wearing a Lonely Hearts knickers and covering few bits and there with Jaeha faux stole. ok. Maybe she was getting ready for No Magazine shoot? It could of been a bikini. We dont go to beaches and get all shocked by girls with bikini, do we?

Anonymous said...

Last Anonymous,

so yes I agree every underage girls should walk around naked or half naked infront of grown men cos they do it in germany on billboards, plus its 2009 soon even more excuse to do it even if you're not a model..right? Be liberated kids! get frisky with adults! and if you're a model thats a stamp of approval! screw morals,its time to get sexy! NOT!

Thanks for the wise advice lame ass,if you had read the article then you would had realised the issue goes far beyond her wearing just a pair of knickers for an interview at the age of 16(now 17) with her lover who is 22(real life 40)infront of an all male film crew.
You sound like you know too much, are you a friend of Tool-llulah? in which case your comment would be bias?

Anonymous said...

To ABOVE ANONYMOUS - yes, i am the first Anon who you wrote your above message to. I didn't know who she was until i saw her dancing at NO magazine party in Auckland and no, i am not her friend nor i met her in person.

I just think she's enjoying the path she's going. She seems to be happy with her life with Cobra Snake (could be 22 or 40 but so what? She seems to be comfortable around him). Once in our life time, we tell ourselves.. "hang on, i should actually dye my hair weird colours.. or i am going to travel the world with this guy Cobra" "F*ck ya! i am doing it coz I AM YOUNG" You might as well do crazy and exciting stuff when you are young, right?

Give that poor girl alone - she's just having fun with her pal Cobra. It's not like Cobra is stuffing drugs into her or anything. gosh.

You must be joking.. said...

oh yah, that sounds like a great idea. throw in a huge modeling career to follow some photographer round the world. yah, it's not like she was traveling round the world before him. it's not like she used to be MORE successful than him.

yah, it's cool to date an adult when you're still a teenager, it's not like she could be overly influenced to his benefit or anything. yah, i'm sure she'll totally look back on this when she's older and think what a great decision to make.

yah, she should totally do it 'cause she's young and it's not like she's giving up anything amazing. yah, right.

jeez, i'm glad i never had friends or supporters like YOU when i was a teenager.

Anonymous said...

To above anonymous, you are such a lame ass. You are too jeolous of Tatullah, maybe you are a model "wannabe" and couldnt actually make it to the world of Model World.

Who cares about Tallulah. have some life.

Anonymous said...

Your all so pathetic.
none of you know mark or tallulah !
who cares leave her alone, you don't know the correct story. get on with you lives and stop picking on a 17 year old.

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